Thursday, September 13, 2007

Well Well

Well, I finally got new carpet. Mom came over Tuesday night and helped me clear off everything. She ended up spending the night since it was late. Then we got up at 8:30 (on my day off) and ate breakfast. Then I went and picked up Les and brought him over. Kyle showed up shortly after, and we moved everything out of the apartment in about 20 minutes. Most of my furniture was sitting outside my door in the walkway. The guys left while me and Mom stayed at the apartment. The carpet guys were supposed to be there around 11. We called the apartments just to make sure that they were coming, and we were told that they would be there any time between 10 and 12. So we waited and waited and waited. Kyle had to be at work at 4, so I was getting a little worried. I finally called him and told him to just go home. The carpet guys finally showed up at around 1:45. We had sat outside my apartment for nearly 3 hours! They did their job really fast and we even talked them into moving all my furniture into my apartment for $30.

After all that I was tired, but we still had to up everything. Aunt Lana came over and helped put up my star mirror, towel rack, and a couple shelves. Me and Mom got almost everything put up, except for the stuff that goes in the living room. After a long day, I cleaned up and went over to Les'. We hadn't hung out in 2 weeks, so I enjoyed our time together. Then I came home and passed out.

Did I mention that my carpet looks great?

Today was my first of three doubles at work. It was slow all day, and I didn't make much money. I don't look forward to the weekend at all.

When I came home from work I had a new towel rack in my shower and new blinds in the living room. My cabinets were open, so I'm guessing they were checking them out. I need to talk to the apartments about painting them. I'm glad things are finally getting done (the carpet, blinds, towel rack). This is also starting to feel more like home. Except now it smells because of the new carpet. But it's nothing a few candles can't fix!

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