Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Audrey's 1st Birthday Party

I've been crazy busy and under a lot of stress lately. I have lots to blog about, but no energy to actually do it. So for now I'll tell you about a little girl's 1st birthday party I went to. My friend's daughter turned one and her birthday party was Saturday. It was a rubber ducky theme and I was lucky enough to make the goodies. I made her an adorable smash cake and cake balls that looked like bubbles.

It was a lot of fun and I got to hang out with my nieces and see little baby Izzie. She's only a couple of weeks old and so stinkin cute!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Top 10 ~ Kings of Leon

Kings of Leon is a one of kind band. They have such a unique sound and I love them. In honor of the concert tonight, here are my top 10 favorite KOL songs.
1. Knocked Up
2. Cold Desert
3. Arizona
4. True Love Way
5. Rememo
6. Closer
7. The Runner
8. Milk
8. Holy Roller Novocaine
10. Sex on Fire

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Etsy Faves

These pillows from Honey Pie Design are just the cutest!
I'm absolutely in love with these prints. I'm finding it hard to pick a favorite. I do believe these will be going on my birthday wish list :)

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Cakes and Friends

Tuesday was my cake decorating class. We learned how to ice and decorate a cake. Here is what my cake looked like.

Wednesday I made these pink and brown cupcakes for a baby shower.

I spent all day Thursday and Friday cleaning the house from top to bottom. On Friday my friend Becca came in from Houston. She was in town for a wedding, but she stayed with me Friday night. We did some catching up and then we made some new icing flavors. I made amaretto, blackberry, mango, Bavarian cream, and coffee flavored icing. All of them were so yummy! That night Amber came over and we all went out to eat. After dinner we went to a 90's party. We didn't get home until around 3:30am. So needless to say, we slept in on Sat.

Becca had to leave Sat. afternoon and I spent the rest of the day being lazy. And that also continued on to Sun. I did manage to catch up on some shows, watch a movie, and take pictures of the furry ones.

I have a super busy week ahead. Here is an outline of my week:

Mon: Grocery shopping, prepare for week

Tues: Observation, birthday gift shopping

Wed: Substitute orientation

Thurs: Kings of Leon concert

Sat: Audrey's birthday party, Amber's birthday party

Sun: Fundraiser

And this week I have to bake 5 dozen cupcakes, 2 cakes, cookies and cake pops. I also have to fit in a hair cut somewhere.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Too much to handle

This week has been pretty crazy. Let me fill you in.
Tuesday I went to my first cake decorating class at Michaels. We learned how to fill a bag with icing and make some simple designs. I didn't learn anything new, but it was only the first class. The next class we are going to learn how to ice a cake :)
Wednesday I was supossed to go observe my friend Stacey. It rained all night Tuesday night and showed no signs of stopping. She sent me a message Wed. morning telling me I could come the following day since the weather was so bad. I decided to take her up on that offer. I was already up at 7am, so I made breakfast and watched Supernatural and Angel. Around 5pm my mom called me into the living room because she heard something on the TV about a tornado in Segoville (a town close by). We started watching the news and all of a sudden there was a tornado on the screen. My mom called my uncle (who lives in Segoville) to make sure he knew there was a tornado. Then the news said it was heading in our direction. Shortly after we heard the sirens and it started pouring down rain. Then the news said it wasn't heading for us anymore. But then there was another tornado downtown. We watched it tear right across the Trinity River. It went right over where I used to work. It was insane! We always get tornado warnings, but we never actually have them this close. Here is a picture I found of the tornado that went through downtown.

Luckily none of my family got any damage. But my uncle did make it on the news!

Thursday I made it out to observe my friend. It was a lot of fun watching the young kids. And it made me feel like I'm making the right decision to teach. There was one little boy who had just become a big brother and he was telling his teacher that he was excited to be a big brother and he would have to beat up his sister's boyfriends because that's what brothers do. It was so cute! Hopefully I will get to go back this week to do some more observing.
The rest of the day Thursday was very productive. I came home and did some school work. Later in the day I did some organizing and crocheting. I still have 35 granny squares to make before I can put my blanket together. I also spent the entire day listening to the new Interpol album. It's beyond wonderful and made me fall in love with them all over again.
Friday I slept in and met Amber for dinner. We ate at Luna de Noche and I had their yummy tortilla soup. Afterwards we went to the movies to see Going the Distance. It was such a cute and funny movie. I laughed through the entire movie. We made it a double feature and saw Resident Evil - Afterlife. That was my first 3D movie. It definietly made it scarier when zombies jumped out at you!
Saturday Mom and I went to the Dallas Flea. It wasn't as big as I thought it would be, but there was some cute stuff there. I found the most wonderful cake balls. There is a lady from Austin who makes all kinds of cake balls. She was giving out free samples, so we tried the wedding cake and key lime balls. To die for!! We bought 3 boxes :) Luckily she ships, so you have to check out her website.
After the Flea Market we went to Tart Bakery. It's a super cute bakery that does cakes, cupcakes, whoopie pies, and other pasteries. We got a lemon cupcake and some more cake balls.

Then we went down the street to City Craft. It's a super cool fabric store. I was overwhlemed by all the pretty fabric. I bought some cute fabric, and I will definitely be going back for more!

We went to Breadwinners for brunch. We had never been there, but it was so yummy. We both got the San Antonio scramble: eggs, black beans, cheese, salsa, sour cream and potatoes.

After eating we drove out to Southlake to the Three Dog Bakery. We got the dogs some yummy treats: doggie donuts, cookies, and carrot cake. I took a picture of the goodies. They look like they are for humans!

Here is the fabric I got from City Craft. I think the glasses fabric is my favorite!

And here are the cake balls we got. So yummy!!

The dogs were also excited for their yummy treats. For some reason Roxy is camera shy. She immediately hides when I get the camera out.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Flavor of the month

This month is dedicated to Robert Pattinson. Let's admit it, he's gorgeous. I would just like to see him smile more :)

Monday, September 6, 2010

Margaritas are the perfect ending

I've had a pretty busy week and weekend. Wednesday I went to my friend's school to get some observation hours. It was high school (not what I will be teaching) but I wanted to get as many hours of observation as I can before I start substituting. I sat through 4 different classes and learned a lot. It's still pretty scary thinking about teaching a class.
The rest of the week I baked...a lot. Thursday we went out for my aunt's birthday, so I made her a cake. It was just a small, last minute cake.

Friday I worked on these duck cupcakes and cookies. I think the cookies turned out so cute!

Saturday I worked on my final cake for the weekend. My cousin was having a white trash birthday party, so I decided to make a can of beer cake. It sounded like a great idea until I actually made the cake. The first time I covered the cake in fondant, the fondant stuck together and ripped. I had to take it all off (along with most of the icing). The second time I tried to cover it I decided to wrap the fondant around the cake. That seemed to work better. But when I added the label, it was too heavy and it pulled the fondant down. It definitely looked like a crushed beer can by the end of the day. That cake stressed me out beyond belief.

Sunday I went over to my uncle's for a cookout. We took the dogs so they could play with my uncle's dog Zoe. Somehow I managed to not take any pictures. After a day of excitement, the dogs were tired out when they got home.

Later that day I went to the birthday party. I wish I had taken a picture of my outfit. I wore a Jack Daniels t-shirt and had my hair in curlers. It was pretty funny.

Today I went to Michael's to sign up for a cake decorating class that starts tomorrow. Hopefully I can perfect some of my skills :) I also stopped by a friends house to visit for a while. My friend is an elementary school music teacher, so I made plans to observe her this week. I was hungry when I got home so Mom and I went to Fuzzy Taco. It was just what I needed. We had chips and queso, tacos, and margaritas. There is nothing like Mexican food. Too bad margaritas make me sleepy!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Top 10 ~ Modest Mouse

Modest Mouse is my absolute favorite band. I could probably listen to them everyday for the rest of my life. So it was very difficult to pick my top 10 favorite songs. If you're not already a fan, check these guys out.
1. King Rat
2. Lives
3. Gravity Rides Everything
4. Truckers Atlas
5. Cowboy Dan
6. Heart Cooks Brain
7. Float On
8. The World at Large
9. Dirty Fingernails
10. Night on the Sun

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Etsy Faves

I love these prints from the black apple.

I would love to have these headbands from Giant Dwarf. They are the most beautiful headbands ever.