Sunday, September 16, 2007

I don't like to be stressed

My job is stressing me out. I hate being angry and complaining every day. My schedule is the main thing I complain about. Yesterday Michelle told me that I should be happy with my new schedule because she was able to give me more time off. Well, when I looked at the schedule today, I had the same exact schedule as last week, except with Thursday morning off. I had a nervous break down. There was lots of crying, managers talking to me, and me thinking about quitting.

It's ridiculous. I shouldn't have to work over 50 hours week after week after week. Phyllis calmed me down and told me that she would take care of everything. A few minutes later Michelle told me that she gave me Wed and Thurs off, and I don't come in until 3 on Fri. That schedule is so much better than the one I had. But I still want to quit. I think I might go and apply to some banks around the area. I don't want to, but I feel like that is my only option. I'm really getting frustrated that I haven't found a job yet. I know I make good money at the Jalapeno Tree, but it's not worth it.

After my horrible day at work, I picked up Les and brought him back to my place. I took a shower, which felt so good. Then we went to Chili's and ate. Afterwards we went to Blockbuster, rented some movies, and came back to my place to watch them. While we were at Blockbuster, I told the guy I needed to get a Blockbuster card. He said it would be a $10 charge. I asked him to repeat himself, and he said that it would be $10 for me to get a card and I would get the rewards program for free. I've never had to pay for a Blockbuster card before. I told him that and he told me that I could go to a different store. I then told him that I had a card, but my wallet got stolen. He took my ID, looked up my info, and printed out me a card. He looked none too thrilled about me already having an account. I really think that he was trying to sneakingly sell me the rewards card. I think I might call his manager.

After we watched the movie, I took Les home. I came back on a mission. And that mission was to CLEAN. I did 4 loads of laundry, swept the kitchen, cleaned the kitchen and bathroom, put the things on my shelves back up, and cleared off my counter tops. I feel like I got a lot accomplished. Now it's time to go to bed and I don't want to. The sooner I go to sleep. the sooner I have to go to work. I really don't want to work all day, but I have to suck it up.

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