Monday, June 21, 2010

Summertime fun

This weekend was a busy one. Friday after work I went to the Etsy party with a friend from work. I’ve never been to Oak Cliff, so I got to see a bunch of cool shops and restaurants. They have this cool soda pop shop that has all different kinds of sodas.
We also went into the pet shop and I got some treats and toys for the doggies. The toy I got for Riley didn’t even last 30 minutes. After she destroyed her toy she found Roxie’s new toy and destroyed it too. Sometimes I wonder about her…

After walking around we ate dinner at a Mayan/ Aztec restaurant. It was sooooo good! I had blue corn tacos with shredded chicken, cheese, and a yummy, creamy, spicy sauce. I was in heaven!

Saturday I got up early and ran some errands. When I got home my aunt and cousin came over to visit. Right after they left, a couple came over for a cake tasting. They want me to do the wedding cake for their wedding, and they wanted to taste the different flavors of cake and icing that I offered. They were the cutest couple. I can’t wait to make their cake!

I spent the rest of the day cleaning and baking cupcakes for Sunday. Sunday was my friend Ryan’s birthday, so we hung out by the pool drinking margaritas. I was out there for 4 hours and didn’t get burned. I was pretty proud of myself! Here are some pictures from the pool.
The birthday boy!
I picked up Rusty Taco on the way home and spent the rest of the evening in bed watching So You Think You Can Dance and True Blood.
I also made some cute jungle cupcakes this weekend. I think they are just adorable!


I’ve been a busy bee lately, and I haven’t had the time to update. So let me go back a couple of weeks.

The weekend before last I went to Oklahoma for a family reunion. Before we left, both dogs got sick. They did fine on the ride up there and at the room. We got to Oklahoma around 4 on Friday. We dropped off the dogs at the hotel and headed over to my cousin’s house. Once most of the family had arrived we all headed downtown to eat Mexican food.
Dawn and her granddaughter Lexi
(she doesn't look old enough to be a grandmother does she?!)
Vic, Brenda, Aunt Nete and Dane
Dawn, Lexi and Kayla
the lovely pictures of aliens
Jeremy loves his hometown!

After dinner Mom and I headed back to the hotel to let the dogs out and then headed back to my cousin’s house. We hung out with the family for a while and then headed back to the hotel.

Saturday we got up and headed out to Robbers Cave. We took the dogs out with us, but Roxie was way too freaked out and Riley was going crazy trying to see everyone. I ended up taking them back to the room after about 15 minutes. We spent most of the day eating and visiting. All of the family was there except for about 20 people. I got to meet a lot of little cousins that I had never met before.
Jeremy enjoying one of my cupcakes!

Later in the day I went over to Robbers Cave with my cousins Jeremy and Tim. Jeremy said we were just going to “look” at the cave, but then he started climbing up the giant rock. I made it up half way, but then chickened out and climbed down. I was wearing flip flops and carrying my expensive camera, so I didn’t want to fall and break my camera.

It was getting real hot, so when we got back to the pavilion everyone was packing up. Mom and I went back to the hotel to take a shower since we were hot and sticky. After relaxing a bit we headed back out to my cousin’s. We spent the evening there talking and watching all the kids run around. If you know me, you know that I absolutely love spending time with family. I really wish I got to see my family more often.

We were super tired when we got back to the hotel. The dogs were still sick, but they seemed to be a little better. We hadn’t watched the time and we left Riley in the kennel longer than we should have. She had to go potty so bad when we got there. I had to put her in the tub and wash her off when she was done. As soon as she ran out of the bathroom she jumped on Mom’s bed and went potty again!. Then I had to give her another bath. Mom had to stay up all night while the sheets were in the wash. Luckily the washers and dryers were right next door to us. We had to keep Riley in the kennel because we were afraid she would potty on the bed again. She hates being in the kennel when someone is in the room, so she barked all night long. Considering we had to leave at 6 the next morning, I didn’t get any sleep.

The drive home was rough. I had real bad allergies and was exhausted. We gave the dogs a pill to calm them during the car ride. They had done fine before, but I guess since Riley was a little dehydrated and didn’t get much sleep, she was almost lifeless after the pill. We were so worried about her. We stopped at a clinic on the way home, but they weren’t open. We decided to go home and look up an emergency clinic online. We were so tired and Riley was doing a little better, so we took a nap and then went to the vet. We were there for about 3 hours. They gave the dogs fluids and pills to clear up any infection they may have. So after $200 for each dog, they seemed to feel better. They had been sick for nearly a week, and we never figured out what caused it. Now they are better and back to normal.

Other than the sick dogs, I had a lot of fun on the trip.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

And just because I can't wait....

Flavor of the month

Since the season premier of True Blood is this weekend, Alexander Skarsgard if the flavor of the month. Oh I can't wait to see him! And after reading the Sookie Stackhouse series, I love his character even more :)

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Quality Time

The rest of my Memorial Day weekend was pretty awesome. Sunday I went over to Kristin's to swim. Kyle, Stacey, and Audrey came over too. I hadn't seen Audrey since right after she was born, and she's so big now! Amber came over too, but not until later in the day. It was a full day of swimming, eating Rusty Taco, drinking mojitos, getting sunburn, and quality time with the little ones. Here are some pictures from the day.
Willa's 2nd time in the pool

Elora and I

Look at that belly!

Stacey and Audrey

Amber has a pool mullet

Kyle surfing in the pool

Monday I had to work. When I got there, the A/C wasn't working. Everybody was sweating and complaining, so they let us go around 10:15. When I got home I took Riley with me over to my uncle's. I decided not to swim since I already had a sunburn, but I ended up getting burned anyways! I also let Riley get in the pool for the 1st time. She liked to hang out on the float more than she did actually swimming.

I only had to work 3 days last week since I had Friday off. I spent most of the week preparing for the wedding cake I had to make. I wasn't as stressed out as I thought I would be and everything turned out how I wanted. Here are some pictures of the cake.

I delivered it to the reception yesterday after work. The bride and groom really loved it. Even though this cake turned out good, I don't know if I'd make another wedding cake.

Today I've been doing the usual Sunday chores that I put off all week. I also got to meet the newest addition to our family. Meet Zoe:

She's my aunt and uncle's new Yorkie puppy. She is so adorable! They brought her over to our house and Riley loved her. Even Roxie came out of hiding to check her out. They ran around and jumped all over each other. It was cute! And it made me want another little one :)

Here is a picture of Riley and Roxie after their haircut.

This week I'm go to do some super baking. We are going to a family reunion this weekend and I have to bake 3 batches of cake pops and 6 dozen cupcakes. Wish me luck!