Monday, April 26, 2010


Today I was in a really good mood which is surprising since it's Monday. Maybe I was in a good mood because I got some good news this morning. Or maybe because I have tomorrow off! I'd planned on sleeping in and just hanging around the house, but then I made a list of all the things I need to do. And it looks like I won't be sleeping in after all. Bummer. But I do have an appointment to get my hair colored. I can't wait. I get depressed when I'm not blonde!
On my way home from work today I saw this awesome car. Now I want one :)

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Flavor of the month

I know I'm super late, but better late than never! This month is dedicated to Ryan Bingham. He's a country singer from Texas. You might wonder why I would have a country singer on here, but he was in Crazy Heart. And he has an amazing voice. I recommend that you listen to "The Weary Kind" off the Crazy Heart soundtrack.

Is it Friday yet?

Last week I made some yummy peanut butter cupcakes for my supervisor at work. These are one of my favorites.

I also made this cake for a bridal shower. I wanted to add shimmer to the flowers, but it didn't look right. So I used an edible shimmer spray and sprayed the cake instead. It turned out so pretty. Now I want to spray everything with that shimmer!

This weekend I made cupcakes for my friend Stacey's little girl's baptism. I used the shimmer spray on all the fondant accents.

I also made some goodies for a basketball themed party. The cupcakes are my favorite. I put a 10 on the jersey since it was the boy's 10th birthday.

Friday Amber and I went to Seth's wedding. I've known Seth since middle school. I used to hang out with him, Casey, and Brad back in the day. I haven't really seen too much of them lately, so it was nice to see them all at the wedding. It's crazy seeing your childhood friends get married. It makes me feel old.

We missed the actual wedding because we couldn't find the place. We drove in circles for about 20 minutes before we found it. But we made it just in time for the reception :)

Saturday was a hard day. I only got about 3 hours of sleep Friday night and I had to work Saturday. I was soooo close to calling in, but I didn't want to screw up my chances of going to Vegas. I came home after work and passed out. I got up around 9, fixed some nachos, and watched Crazy Heart with Mom. I really liked the movie, but I was creeped out watching Maggie Gyllenhaal kiss Jeff Bridges. She's in her 30s and he's in his 50s....gross.

Today I got up early because my neighbor's dog would not stop barking. Ugh! Mom got us breakfast tacos and then I cleaned out my closet and did laundry. Later we went shopping. I wanted to get some new tennis shoes. I want to start working out, so hopefully getting new shoes will motivate me. I've been looking at the Reebok Easy Tone shoes for a couple of months. I found a pair of black ones that I really liked, so I got them. I also got a pair of the Easy Tone flip flops. They are super comfortable.

Then we went to Old Navy where I spent too much money. But I got me 2 skirts, 2 shirts, and 2 tank tops. And after that we went to Target. So now I'm broke. But at least I will look cute :)

Last week I pre-ordered the new Sookie Stackhouse book "Dead in the Family." I can't wait! If you haven't read the Sookie Stackhouse series I definitely recommend it.

I also pre-ordered the second season of True Blood. I've been waiting for this to come out since before Christmas. I guess they wanted to wait until the 3rd season was about to start. (which I'm so excited for)

I'm really not looking forward to going to work tomorrow. There has been talk of a lot of changes and it's been real stressful. But I just need to make through 2 more weeks and then I get to go to Vegas. Wish me luck!

Sunday, April 18, 2010


I was uploading my pictures and came across these random pictures that I thought I would share.
This is what it looks like when I bake. Usually powdered sugar is EVERYWHERE!

These are pictures from Mom's birthday. We had some yummy cupcakes at the Cupcakery.

Yogurtland.....YUM! As you can see my yogurt isn't very healthy :)

I made some yummy crepes for breakfast last weekend.

And that's it for my random post. I've been sick with allergies this weekend, so I'm off to bed. I'll post my weekend update tomorrow.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

All caught up

After this post I will finally be caught up! (Except for my flavor of the month post) Friday I got up around 8:30 and got ready. I dropped Riley off at the groomer and went to get my car cleaned. It was before 10am and the place was packed. Do these people not have jobs?
I went to Target to spend money I didn't have and then grabbed Chick-fil-A for lunch. I came home and finished another New Moon themed cake. It was for a little girl's birthday, and she is Team Jacob. I love how this cake turned out. I made the moon shimmery and added the red flowers to make it more girly.

After finishing the cake I was in cleaning mode. I cleaned the carpet, living room, and finally tackled my room. I didn't get to finish my room, but you actually see the floor now! I had to pick Riley up at the groomers around 3. Here are some pictures of her on the way home. Don't worry, I was at a red light :)

Saturday I had to work. After work Mom and I met Aunt Lana at Cheddars. We split a smokehouse burger and some yummy onion rings. It was just a nice relaxing day.

Today Mom and I took the dogs to the Dog Bowl at the Cotton Bowl. They had all kinds of vendors out on the field and there were a ton of cute dogs out there. It was kind of hot outside, so we didn't stay long. Here are a few pictures I snapped while there.

While we were there we got a free small frisbee. I thought Roxie would love to play with it, but it turns out that Riley is the one who loved it. She played with it for so long when we got home. I tried to get her to leave it outside, but she would have none of that.

After the Dog Bowl we dropped off the dogs at home and went out to eat. When we came home we cleaned out the spare room. I can finally use the treadmill again. So overall it's been a productive weekend. I will leave you with a picture of this totally awesome sugar skull I got. I'm super jealous of Becky's mad skills!

No Bueno

Do you ever have one of those days when everything gets to you? One of those days when you know it would have been better if you had just stayed in bed? Wednesday was one of those days.

I had been having a rough time at work that week. After being at my job for almost a year, all of a sudden I’m failing calls and getting written up. I don’t understand and it’s frustrating. I’m also having to do the job I did when I started until we hire some more people. That means I have to take calls from the general public (annoying) and say the same thing over and over. Some time off would do me good, but unfortunately my Vegas Vacation isn’t until next month.

Another thing that was annoying me that day was close-minded people. People who think that people of a certain color deserve special treatment. I know that’s pretty vague, but I don’t want to get into a race issue on here. And it’s not just race, it’s the fact that there is no room for discussion with these people.

Tuesday night was American Idol. They had the totally awesome Lennon/McCartney night. My favorite performance was Casey’s “Jealous Guy.” Oh I can’t wait to download that! Is it just me or does anyone else think he sounds a little like Bob Seger? Anyways, he is so dang cute and a great musician. Crystal also did an awesome job on “Come Together.” All I can say is that I wish I could sing like her. I also liked Lee’s version of “Hey Jude” but I could have done without the bagpipe guy.

I was so surprised that Big Mike was in danger of going home. And even more surprised that the judges used the save. Lets hope nobody else worth winning falls in the bottom.

Tuesday night was also The Biggest Loser. Could my man Sam be any hotter?! I will be so devastated if he is ever sent home. Who will I lust after then?? And let me just tell you that I’m so glad that Melissa is gone. I was going to slap someone if they voted to keep her.

The rest of the week wasn't much better. I ended up getting sick on Thursday. I had planned on leaving work early, but I couldn't stand the thought of getting more points. I was pretty proud of myself for staying all day, especially the way I felt. I'm just glad the week is finally over.

Easter Weekend

Last weekend was a pretty good weekend. Saturday morning I got up and finished this troll cake. The customer wanted a troll cake because she thought her daughter resembled a troll. She sent me the cutest picture of her daughter with her hair pulled up on top of her head, and she did look like a little troll! I decided to not cover the cake in fondant. I iced the cake about 4 times trying to get it smooth. I think I like the look of the fondant better, but it still looked cute. My favorite part is the sparkly fish around the bottom tier.

I had to deliver the cake around 1pm. After that I picked up Amber and we went to eat at BJ’s. I always have the hardest time deciding what I want to eat there. I ended up getting the chicken pesto pizza and a salad. When we finished eating we went over to Best Buy. Since my computer monitor is broken, I needed to get a new one. I found the one I wanted, but they didn’t have it in the store. They ordered it for me, but I had to wait for it to be shipped to my house. While I was there I also bought an external hard drive and a nifty pink Wii remote. Maybe that will motivate me to use it more!

We went back to Amber’s house and I helped her clean a little. Then we picked up Chili’s to go and watched New Moon. I know it’s corny, but I just love that movie. I also really like the soundtrack. I ended up getting home around 2 in the morning and went straight to bed.

I slept in on Sunday and then got up for lunch. I layed on the couch and watched 30 Days of Night with Mom. After the movie I went back to bed for a little bit. I spent the entire day being lazy in bed. I watched Lord of the Rings, balanced my checkbook, and snuggled with Riley. I wish I would have done something for Easter, but our family never gets together and there aren’t any young children around to hunt eggs with. Last year we made Easter baskets for the dogs, but they have some many toys and treats already.

Back in the saddle again

I haven’t been avoiding you, I’ve just had some bad luck. My computer monitor finally died. So I’ve been without a computer for two weeks. This post is from 3 weekends ago. I will try to split up the post from the past two weeks so you are not overloaded :)

Friday morning I woke up and went outside to play with the little ones in the sun.
I showered, got ready, and ran some errands. When I got back home I worked on finishing the saxophone birthday cake and baseball cake pops. Mom helped out mucho when she got home. After we finished decorating, we dropped off the goodies and had some family time.

When I got back home I worked on the New Moon cupcakes. A friend from work was throwing a New Moon watching party and she wanted Team Edward and Team Jacob cupcakes. The Jacob cupcakes were chocolate with peanut butter icing and the Edward cupcakes were vanilla with buttercream icing.

All day Friday I had been sick with allergies. It seemed to get worse as the day went on. When I got into bed I felt achy and cold. I got up to put on some pants and warm socks. When I got back in bed I was shivering so badly I bit my tongue. I was finally able to relax and fall asleep.

When I woke up Saturday morning I was SICK. I was sneezing, my throat was swollen, my ears were stopped up, and I felt like I had been hit by a bus. But I still got up and went to work. I wasn’t able to go to the New Moon party, so I was bummed about that. I went home after work and got back in bed. I thought sleep would help, but it didn’t. I got up around 9 and Mom and I went to CiCis. I really wanted to go to Pizza Inn, but they were closed.

On our way back home we stopped to get me some Benadryl and a netti pot. I’ve heard all about these Netti pots, but had never tried one. I thought it would be no big deal, but let me tell you…that thing is way uncomfortable! You have to mix this saline packet with warm water and pour it in your nose. That stuff goes right down your throat and you’re still supposed to breathe through your mouth. Of course I choked and gagged and made some awful noises. I ended up using it a couple more times that weekend and it got a little better.

Sunday wasn’t much better for me. I spent the entire day in bed. I was disappointed because I had planned on cleaning my room and other stuff. Monday I still didn’t feel good, but I had to go to work. Boy does it suck not having sick days or insurance. Anyways, I made it through the day and the next day. Now I am finally feeling better. Woo-hoo!!

My Mom’s friend at work was retiring and Wednesday was her last day. I made cupcakes for Mom to take to work. We made lemon with raspberry, vanilla with chocolate, and vanilla with buttercream. I had problems with the icing being to runny and it definitely stressed me out. I had to remake the buttercream icing because the first batch just melted off the cupcakes. Luckily Mom was there to help cut out the flowers or I would have been really stressed.

I made some Easter cupcakes for Friday. They are vanilla cupcakes with buttercream icing and the lovely duckies!

I also made these too cute sheep cake pops. It took me all night to just make 3 of them. I had seen them on Bakerella and wanted to give it a try. They were way too cute to eat :)