Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Boop boop

Well I haven't been up to much. I've just been too lazy to update my blog. Lets see what I've been up to...
Amber and I have decided to start a little baking company together. We haven't figured out all the details, but it's in the works. I think it will be a lot of fun once we get started.
I baked some cupcakes for a bridal shower not too long ago. I did it all by myself, so it took a really long time. The girl wanted the zebra cupcakes, so I decided to try a different method than last time. This time I decided to draw the zebra print on the fondant with an edible marker. It turned out really cute, but I had to draw about 3 dozen of them! I was really proud of the way these turned out. I have a feeling everyone is going to want these!

Work has been going well. I got promoted into customer relations. It's more work, but I really like it. I'm still really surprised by how much I enjoy this job.

Other than baking and working, I've been hanging out with the girls a lot. I don't realize how much I miss being around them till I spend all my time with them :)

I know this is a short post, but I don't have much going on. I need some excitement in my life!

Friday, July 3, 2009

yummy yums

Man, I'm so glad it's a 3 day weekend! I've been so busy the past 2 weeks.
Last week Amber, Kristin, and I went to see The Heartless Bastards and Jenny Lewis. The concert was a lot of fun, but it was so hot in the venue. Towards the end of the show Kristin and I had to go outside. We ended up sitting in the alley behind the club. We could hear the concert inside, so we just hung out there until it was over.

This past week I had a lot of baking to do. I was planning on making zebra print cupcakes for a birthday at work. The girl I was making them for also wanted me to make a cake for her boyfriend, who's birthday was on the same day.

Monday night I baked the cupcakes and the cake. The cupcakes were going to be red velvet with cream cheese icing, and the cake was going to be double fudge with chocolate buttercream. I was going to make the cake a layer cake, so I had to use my new pans for it. When I flipped the first cake out of the pan, it came out in two pieces! I didn't have anymore cake mix, so I had to wait till Tuesday to bake another cake.

I ended up calling in to work on Tuesday, so that gave me a little more time to work on everything. I baked the second cake (with success), made the cream cheese icing, and iced the cake before Amber came over to help. It didn't take us long to finish the cake, but it took us forever to finish the cupcakes. We finally finished at 1am. I'm super proud of the cake. And the cupcakes look pretty cute too.

There is no way I could have finished without Amber's help! I ended up putting these pictures on my facebook and now I've signed up to make the zebra cupcakes for a bridal shower and a cake for a birthday. It's crazy!

I was planning on making cheesecake pops for work. I attempted to make them Wed. night, but it didn't really work out. The cheesecake was all mushy (I think I left it out too long). And I forgot to get graham crackers to roll them in. Instead I ended up eating part of the cheesecake and going to bed. I was just so tired from staying up late earlier in the week.

There will be no baking this weekend. Instead I will be sleeping in, drinking beer, hanging out with friends, and just enjoying my time off :)