Friday, September 21, 2007

Much needed time off

I have enjoyed my two days off. It's funny, I'm so used to working that I had a hard time just relaxing.

Wednesday I slept in a little. Then I got up, got ready, and ran some errands. Later on in the day I picked up Les and brought him back to my place. I cooked double decker tacos and nachos for dinner. I was very proud of myself! After dinner we went to Wal-Mart and bought some movies. We watched Jeepers Creepers 2, which wasn't as creepy as the first. Then we watched some scary movie that was set in the 1800's. I could only make it through half the movie, it was so bad. I went to bed while Les finished watching it and the other movie he bought. I had a hard time sleeping. My allergies have been bothering me and my legs ached.

I got up around noon today and made cinnamon rolls. Turns out Les doesn't like cinnamon rolls. He didn't get up till around 1. We layed on the couch for a couple hours and then I took him home.

After dropping him off, I went to Mom's to watch all my shows on TIVO. I thought I would have a bunch to watch, but I only had 4. I hung out with Buttercup and painted my nails while I was there. I was going to wait around so I could see Mom, but she wasn't going to be there for a while, and Kristin wanted to stop by. So I left and Kristin and Elora came by. They stayed for about an hour and then had to leave. I took a shower after they left and then ate dinner. I ate a sandwich, which might have been my first one since coming back from England.

I didn't feel like being by myself tonight, so I called Les. I went over there after eating and stayed for a couple of hours. Now I am getting ready for bed.

I really hope work goes well this weekend. I've had some rest and now I'm ready to make some money. I need to start putting back money for Christmas.

So, on a side note: I had to buy a new clock for my kitchen because the other one broke when it fell off the wall. I bought the exact same clock, so I thought. I get home, put the battery in, and put it on the wall. I immediately notice that it ticks so freaking loud. I held to two clocks up side by side and realize that they are different. But they had the same packaging and look just alike. Let me just tell you that I can hear that clock ticking in my closet. It's ridiculous. But I've already thrown away the box, so I can't return it. I have a feeling that that clock will run it's course very soon. I foresee me ripping the battery out while screaming.

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