Sunday, December 28, 2008

Time flies

I can’t believe Christmas has come and gone. Now it will be 2009 before you know it!

I had a very wonderful Christmas this year. I had to work on Christmas Eve day, but only until around 11:30am. After work I went to go pick up my record player from the shop, but it was closed. The guy was at lunch, but I didn’t want to wait around for 40 minutes for him to return. I stopped at the store on my home to pick up a few things. Big mistake! It took me forever just to park. Wal-Mart was packed! I ran in and out as fast as I could. By the time I got in my car I was cranky and hungry. So I picked up some Wendys and headed home. After I ate, I passed out until it was time to go over to Uncle Larry’s.

The usual crew was there: me, Mom, Uncle Larry, Jackie, Krystale, Wayne and Brain. We ate the usual: sausage balls, cheese ball, chips and queso. I was excited about this Christmas because I got to buy lots of gifts for Mom. I gave her a good Christmas, but she did better! I got a lot of surprises this year. Mom got me a zoom lens for my camera. I cried a little when I opened it. I also got a pair of Ed Hardy shoes, a DVD player (yay! since mine is acting up), a chandelier decal, some clothes, MAC makeup and some earrings. The biggest surprise of all……

I had thought I might get this, but when Mom brought over all the presents, this was no where to be found. Mom even hid it in the garage until I had opened all my presents. Of course I cried. I was so freakin surprised!

Christmas morning Mom came over to my apartment. We opened up our stockings, which is my favorite thing! I was more excited about Mom opening up here stocking than I was about mine. Why you ask? Because I got her the new Ipod nano. She was totally surprised. After opening stockings, we made breakfast. We made pigs in a blanket, hash browns, and crepes. It was so yummy. And I was so full afterwards.

The rest of the day we spent lounging around. I uploaded some music on her ipod and we watched Blade movies. It was a good day. And a good Christmas!

Friday we had planned on going to Northpark, but we didn’t get out until later in the afternoon. It was around 4pm when we made it to the mall. I had never seen so many people there before. It was worse than Black Friday. We didn’t even make it into the mall. After driving around for almost an hour we decided to go eat instead. Since we were in that area we went to Mattitos. We had a margarita and some nachos. Then we decided to go to the movies. We went to see The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. I loved it! It was such a wonderful movie. And Brad Pitt is just perfect. I definitely recommend you see it. After the movie, we decided to see another movie – Marley & Me. It was a cute movie. But it made me never want to get a big dog :)

The weather was perfect Friday night. It wasn’t too cold and the wind felt nice. I ended up sleeping with my windows open (my favorite thing). I did wake up early in the morning, and the wind was blowing so hard that I had to get up and shut the window. Not too long after that, the rain came. I didn’t get up till around noon and just stayed around the house all day. I did manage to put up most of my gifts and clean up the living room and kitchen. These days I feel like I’m always in my kitchen. All day on A&E they were running a Flip This House marathon. For some reason I love that show. I only get to watch it on Saturdays. Then after that they ran a CSI: Miami marathon which I always enjoy. And that was pretty much my day.

Today was my lazy day. I didn’t get out of bed till after 1pm. I ate a bowl of cereal and then got back in bed. I pretty much spent the whole day reading. I finished up the third book in the Twilight series. It was so good! Such an emotional book. For Kristin’s sake I won’t say much :) But I just love how much both Jacob and Edward love Bella. One day, I want that kind of love. I’m still leaning more towards Jacob. I’m not angry with Edward anymore. But I just think Jacob is better for her. He is safer, more human, and just too adorable! That is one lucky girl! Of course other than the fact that someone is always trying to kill her. So soon I will start on the last book. I’ve heard it’s the best, so I’m anxious. But I will be sad when I’m done reading them all.

Tomorrow I plan on having lunch with Kristin. I need to give her the second and third Twilight books to read. I’m so excited that she likes these books. Now I have someone else to talk about them to. After lunch Mom and I are going to Northpark to do some shopping. Then Tuesday I have to go back to work. Bleh! But at least it’s only for one day.
I put up the decal in my bathroom above my toilet. Where else would you hang a chandelier?!
Below are some pictures I took of Chloe. Mom and I like to put things on her and see how long they will stay there. The others I snapped of her while she was sleeping.

So cute....

Sunday, December 21, 2008


It’s been a while, but I haven’t been up to much.

I’m finally done with all my Christmas shopping. I can’t wait for Christmas. I’m excited about giving Mom her gifts. Only 3 more days! Mom didn’t put up a tree this year, so she brought all the presents over to my place to put them under my tree. There are so many presents that they don’t all fit under the tree! But don’t worry, they are not all mine. :)

Tuesday morning I woke up with a dry, sore throat. I just figured it was because I slept with the heater on kind of high that night. When I woke up Wednesday morning, my throat really hurt. It felt real dry and itchy. But I still didn’t think too much of it. Then Thursday morning I knew I was sick. I had a tickle in my throat that I couldn’t get rid of. And I had pressure in my ears. So after work on Thursday I went to the doctor. They told me I had an upper respiratory infection. They gave me a steroid shot, which I’ve never had before. When I woke up Friday morning, I felt so much better. My voice still cracks a little, but my throat no longer feels itchy and dry. I’m so glad. I really didn’t want to get sick right at the holidays.

Friday my co-worker Jenni gave me a cd of her favorite music from 2008. It’s a really good cd, and I was excited to listen to new music. So I got to thinking and decided to make a list of my own.

Kings of Leon – Knocked Up
Cold War Kids – Every Man I Fall For
Shiny Toy Guns – Starts With One
MIA – Paper Planes
Death Cab for Cutie – Tiny Vessels
Jenny Lewis – The Next Messiah
Band of Horses – The Funeral
Peter, Bjorn, and Jake – Young Folks

This weekend I made my first order of yummy goodness that someone actually paid for! Brady wanted me to make him cake pops for Christmas. I was originally going to make ornaments, but decided to make santa hats at the last minute. I made the cake molds Friday night and decorated them on Saturday. It wasn't hard to do, it was just time consuming. I think they turned out super cute. I was so tired by the time I was done that I just snapped a couple of pictures of them and put them in bags.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

New Moon

Warning! This is a Twilight post. If you think I am silly for posting this or don't want me to give anything away then move along. Otherwise....

I just finished reading the second book, New Moon. I loved it. It took me longer to read this one, but then again I didn't have have to try to read this book in less than a week. What made me like this book so much is Jacob. I just love him. A few weeks ago Justin asked me if I was on Team Edward or Team Jacob. I wasn't quite sure why that was a big deal. But now I know. And at this point in the series I think I might be on Team Jacob.
Jacob is a genuinely good person. And he loves Bella more than anything. He loves her so much that he will accept her for who she is and even wait until she is ready to love him. He is even okay with the fact that she loves Edward more. Reading about Jacob makes you eager and excited at the possibility that there maybe someone out there that will love you the same way.
Truth be told, I was a little disappointed when Edward came back. That meant that Bella wouldn't see Jacob, and he wouldn't be in the book as much. But don't get me wrong - I certainly like Edward too!
The last few chapters of this book annoyed me. Bella gets on my nerves sometimes. I can't stand the fact that she wants to be a vampire. I'm sure if I was in her situation, I might want it too. But the fact that she goes to the Cullens and has them vote. WTF?! Why does she feel the need to be a vampire right this instant? I don't think she has really taken into consideration what being a vampire is. All she is thinking about is being young like Edward and being with him forever. Has she even thought about drinking blood, especially since blood makes her queasy? And I really can't see her hunting an animal and killing it with her bear hands. And what about the thirst? Does she think it's easy to control it? I know the book keeps hinting at her turning into a vampire, but I really hope she doesn't. It would ruin it for me. At least I hope it doesn't happen till the last book.
But overall I enjoyed the book. I'm told that books 3 and 4 are even better, so I can't wait! I found these pictures on Vanity Fair so I thought I would share..

I also wanted to add that I am very disappointed that the two songs below were not on the soundtrack. These would be perfect for the film (and good mood music too). Maybe one day I will have a say in these things!

Closer ~ Kings of Leon

Stranded in this spooky town

Stoplights are swaying and the phone lines are down

This floor is crackling cold

She took my heart, I think she took my soul

With the moon I run

Far from the carnage of the fiery sun

Driven by the strangled vein

Showing no mercy I do it again

Open up your eye

You keep on crying, baby I’ll bleed you dry

The skies are blinking at me

I see a storm bubbling up from the sea

And it's coming closer

And it's coming closer

You, shimmy shook my bone

Leaving me stranded all in love on my own

Do you think of me?

Where am I now?

Baby where do I sleep?

Feel so good but I'm old, 2000 years of chasing taking its toll

And it’s coming closer

Open Your Eyes ~ Snow Patrol

All this feels strange and untrue

And I won't waste a minute without you

My bones ache, my skin feels cold

And I'm getting so tired and so old

The anger swells in my guts

And I won't feel these slices and cuts

I want so much to open your eyes

'Cause I need you to look into mine

Tell me that you'll open your eyes [x4]

Get up, get out, get away from these liars

'Cause they don't get your soul or your fire

Take my hand, knot your fingers through mine

And we'll walk from this dark room for the last time

Every minute from this minute now

We can do what we like anywhere

I want so much to open your eyes

'Cause I need you to look into mine

Tell me that you'll open your eyes [x8]

All this feels strange and untrue

And I won't waste a minute without you

Shut Your Eyes and Sing To Me

So Friday was the How The Edge Stole Christmas concert. Kristin and I went straight to the concert from work. When we got there, we wandered around looking at everything. I wanted to get a Cold War Kids t-shirt, but they didn’t have any merchandise out. As we were walking around, we saw some girls with a CWK poster. I asked them where they got it, and they pointed to a table off to the side. We strolled over to the table, but I didn’t see any posters. Then Kristin spotted a sign that said the CWK were doing a signing at 5:30. We rushed over to the table, but it was empty. I looked down at my phone and it was 5:50. I was crushed. I couldn’t believe that I had missed them. I wanted so badly to meet them, and I missed my chance. Why would they do a signing as soon as the doors opened? And they weren’t even one of the first bands to go on. Someone did not plan that properly. So, needless to say – I was pretty distraught.

After all that, we ended up taking a Christmas picture together and buying a sweater hat. After we spent money that we didn’t have, we found our seats. We found it funny that our seats were the only 2 seats on the row. We were right next to the sound board. The first band we saw was Shiny Toy Guns. They put on a really good show. So good, it was probably my favorite performance of the night.

After Shiny Toy Guns was Cold War Kids. I was super excited! It was strange seeing them from far away, but at least I could see all of them. They played all their popular songs and a few others. They only had 30 minutes, so they didn’t get to play very long.

Next was Snow Patrol. I didn’t know but like 2 songs of theirs before the concert. I had never been really interested in listening to them before. But they put on a really good show. The lead singer was amusing in his between song banter. He acted more like a singer in a punk rock band.

Last was Death Cab for Cutie. Right as they came on stage, Kristin got a text from her security guard friend that was working the concert. He was able to get us closer seats. We ended up going down to the floor to the right of the stage. We were standing right in front of the speakers and after a couple of songs my ears felt like they were about to start bleeding, so we moved back a little. We were a little confused when we saw the band because they looked nothing like what we expected them to. We had seen pictures of the singer where he had short brown hair, was a little chunky and wore glasses. The guy singing at the concert was skinny, no glasses, and had longer hair. Strange. Also, I expected the band to be much more mellow; like sitting around on stage. But instead they were rocking out.

Overall I had a great time. Kristin and I have gone 2 years in a row, and I really had a good at both shows. Last year was Paramore and Modest Mouse. Maybe this will be a new yearly thing.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


I get to see this man. I'm beyond excited. I just wish it was at a smaller venue. Of course last time I saw the Cold War Kids in a smaller venue, I could barely see. None the less, I get to see him. Sigh...

Monday, December 1, 2008

The good times are killing me

This past week has been a busy week. Sunday was the only day I had to rest.
Wednesday we had a half day at work. I ended up leaving at noon. Debbie's mother had passed away earlier in the week, and the funeral was Wed. I couldn't go to the funeral, but I was able to go help afterwards. It was nice seeing everyone, but I just wish it had been under different circumstances.
Thursday was Thanksgiving of course. We all went over to Uncle Larry's to eat. I enjoyed it this year. I liked being around everyone. After I left, I went home and passed out. That night I stayed up researching Black Friday deals. Since this was the very first year I didn't have to work, I thought about going shopping.
Friday I got up and headed out around 10:30 am. I first went to Kohls. I had seen the necklace that I had been wanting for only $99. It was too good to pass up. When I got there, it wasn't as crowded as I had expected. It probably only took me 15 minutes to get my necklace and pay for it. Mom met me up there and we spent the day shopping. After a day of shopping, I went home and made cake pops for Elora's birthday party.
Saturday was Elora's birthday party. Kristin did a sweet shoppe theme that turned out so cute! Her Mom made the background and canopy. Kristin made a cake, cupcakes, and various snacks. Below are a ton of pictures from the party:
The birthday girl
The cupcake cake
Cupcakes and tortilla rolls
Cupcake pops
Cupcake sandwiches
Chef Elora
Blowing out the candles
Yummy cake
Ashley, Kristin, Stacey & Michelle
After the party, Mom came over to hang out. We ordered pizza and put up my Christmas tree. It looks so pretty!
She also was able to spend some time with Chloe. For some reason, Chloe kept trying to bite Mom. It's really weird cause she has never done that before. I showed Mom how Chloe can play baseball. She has these little puff balls that she likes, so I sit on the floor and throw them at her and she hits them across the almost every time. Sometimes she can catch one with just one paw. It's really funny to watch.
Sunday was my lazy day. I did nothing but sleep and eat. I did manage to wrap my presents. Of course there are only three under the tree. I also did some cleaning, which was much needed.
I had been having some trouble with Chloe peeing on my bathroom rugs occasionally. I was getting real frustrated and didn't know what to do. I didn't want to give her back cause I really liked her. But luckily, she stopped peeing on the rug, which I was so happy about. I really enjoy having her around. Here are some pictures that I have taken of her over the past week:

Here is a random picture I took the other day. It looked like the clouds were a mountain range outside my window. It made me wish I did have a view of a mountain range.