Sunday, September 30, 2007


Today was a good day. I had a little trouble getting out of bed, but I was ready to go after my shower. Mom came and picked me up and we went to Firewheel Mall. We were hungry when we got there so we ate at a pizza place. We didn't care for it too much. We spent the rest of the day shopping for work clothes. If I get this job, I will need something to wear. So hopefully I get this job. I found a lot of clothes and spent a lot of money. After all our shopping we had margaritas and nachos at Gloria's. It was delicious!

When I came home, I tried on all my clothes again and then put them up. Then I had a couple margaritas and watched TV. Then I did what I always do on Sunday....clean. I didn't do much cleaning because I'm lazy. Maybe on my next day off I'll give the apartment a good cleaning.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Round Two

I had my second interview today. I think it went pretty well. It was real informal and the people who interviewed me kept making me laugh. Hopefully I will hear back from them soon. I have to send them a thank you email. I know I'm supposed to mention something personal we talked about, but I have the hardest time with that.

After my interview I went back to the car wash. They told me that they would pay to have it fixed. So then I had to go to the body shop that they sent me to. I'll probably get it fixed on Wed.

Then I stopped by Town East Ford so they could give me an estimate on my door. The estimate was for over $800, so that means I will have to pay $250. I'm really not happy about that.

After all that I went to Mom's and watched all my shows on TIVO. The Hills is my favorite show at the moment. Especially now that Lauren and Hedi are fighting.

It was still early in the day, but it felt late. I came home and took a much needed nap. When I woke up I cooked dinner, took a shower, and went over to Les'. We watched Knocked Up and 40 Year Old Virgin. Both movies were really funny. Now I'm at home and I'm ready to go to bed. Too bad I have to go to work tomorrow. I enjoy my days off too much. Now that I'm on my own, my days off are always full. I never get to sleep in and be lazy on the couch all day. Why is that?

Thursday, September 27, 2007


He called and things are better.

Good night.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

From good to bad

My day today started out just fine. I got up, got ready, and headed off to my interview. I thought my interview went pretty well, and I got asked back for a second interview tomorrow. I'm excited at the second interview, but I don't want to get too excited. I just hope I get the job.

Then I met Mom for lunch. We ate at the Olive Garden and I had some tropical sangria. Let me just tell you that tropical sangria is beyond yummy.

After lunch I went to go get my car washed. Mom told me that there was a place off Inwood that was half price for ladies on Wed. When I pulled up, I thought it looked a little shady, but I got my car washed anyways. As they are cleaning my car, I notice that my back windshield wiper is missing. It had come off in the car wash. The guys that worked there spent probably 20 minutes trying to fix it. They got it back on, but it won't work now. I should have said something at the time, but I didn't know what to do. When I got home and looked at it, it looks like they glued part of it back on. So now I have to go back tomorrow and demand that they pay for it to be fixed. That should be fun. What are the chances of them actually paying?

While I was at the car wash I called Les. He had wanted me to call him and make sure he was awake. So I call him and he's very short with me. Turns out he is still mad at me from the conversation we had last night. So for the rest of the day I'm upset and sick to my stomach cause he's mad at me, even though I don't think I did anything wrong. We were supposed to go out to eat tonight, but that didn't happen. I also went on my break yesterday to rent movies for us to watch. Guess I'll watch them by myself.

After leaving the car wash I went to Old Navy to look for something to wear to my interview. I found a shirt that was priced $16.50, but I got it for $5. I was excited about that. Then I went to Garden Ridge to look at their bar stools. I found some that I really liked. The legs were black wood and the top was the same color and material as my couch. I bought 2 of them. When I got out to my car I tried to open up the back, but it wouldn't open. I messed with it for a few minutes and then walked around to the driver-side door. When I walked around, the door was open slightly. I immediately thought "oh my gosh I left my door open!" I opened it up and looked around the car. Nothing was missing. I was relieved, but freaked out at the same time.

I went to Wal-Mart before I went home to buy groceries. When I got to my car, I went to open up the door and I noticed the handle looked funny. I looked at it closer and saw that someone had used something like a screwdriver to pry open the handle. So I hadn't left my door open at Garden Ridge, someone had tried to break into my car. I'm assuming that the alarm went off and they ran away. But now my handle is all screwed up. And come to find out that my deductible is $250. So how awesome is that?

I went home and dragged my new bar stools up the stairs. And guess what? They aren't tall enough. So later on I had to go and return them. Then I went to Mom's and ate KFC's chicken fried steak. Then we watched one of the movies I had rented, Next. Now I'm at home feeling sorry for myself. I can't believe all this happened in one day. And this was going to be such a good day. Les hasn't called since I talked to him, so hopefully he will call tomorrow. As much as I'm looking forward to my interview, I dread tomorrow.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Woo Hoo

Well, things might be finally looking up. I have a job interview tomorrow!! When I got home Monday, I had an email from a company Mediaedge:cia. They had got my resume from Joi from Katz Radio. I applied for the sales assistant position at Katz Radio, but they had just hired someone. Joi forwarded my resume to the TV department, and I got an interview with them. But unfortunately, I didn't get the job. So I guess she forwarded it to some other people. Anyways, I have an interview at 11:30 tomorrow. Hopefully it will be something I want and hopefully I will get the job.

I really need the job because it's been slow at work. I worked yesterday morning and only made $8. This morning I only had 1 table and made $2. I have a feeling it's going to be slow tonight. So this job interview couldn't come at a better time.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Sugar, We're Goin' Down

I'm so glad the weekend is over. My weekend was full of work, as usual. Saturday I was scheduled to work all day, but a few hours after my break I started to feel bad. I was nauseous, my throat and the roof of my mouth were sore, and I just didn't feel good. They let me go home early, which surprised me.

I came home and got in bed around 7. I slept until about 10:30, when the phone woke me up. I talked to Becca for about an hour and then made a quick call to Les. It was almost midnight when I got off the phone with him, and I immediately passed out. I slept until 9:30 Sunday morning. I felt so much better when I woke up. I don't know what had made me feel so bad, maybe my allergies.

Today was a typical Sunday full of bitchy customers and small tips. It was also a pretty slow day. I ended up getting out of work around 4:30. I met Mom at Posados. We sat at the bar and visited with Chelsey. I really want to go see her new apartment. I bet it's cute.

After eating, I came home, made me a margarita and started cleaning. I guess Sunday is my cleaning day. When I got tired of cleaning, I lit some candles and watched Charlie's Angels. I love that movie. My DVD player is messed up, and the color is off. So all my movies look funny. I guess I need to break down and buy a new one.

I am feeling better about working at the Jalapeno Tree. My schedule is pretty good next week. I only work 2 doubles and have Wed, Thurs, and Sunday off. Also, Jeff keeps telling everyone that I am his favorite female there. I actually feel like I am an asset to the place, which makes me feel good. But that doesn't mean that I'm not still looking for another job.

Another dilemma I am facing: my hair color.

I don' t know if I should leave it brown for the winter or go back blonde.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Much needed time off

I have enjoyed my two days off. It's funny, I'm so used to working that I had a hard time just relaxing.

Wednesday I slept in a little. Then I got up, got ready, and ran some errands. Later on in the day I picked up Les and brought him back to my place. I cooked double decker tacos and nachos for dinner. I was very proud of myself! After dinner we went to Wal-Mart and bought some movies. We watched Jeepers Creepers 2, which wasn't as creepy as the first. Then we watched some scary movie that was set in the 1800's. I could only make it through half the movie, it was so bad. I went to bed while Les finished watching it and the other movie he bought. I had a hard time sleeping. My allergies have been bothering me and my legs ached.

I got up around noon today and made cinnamon rolls. Turns out Les doesn't like cinnamon rolls. He didn't get up till around 1. We layed on the couch for a couple hours and then I took him home.

After dropping him off, I went to Mom's to watch all my shows on TIVO. I thought I would have a bunch to watch, but I only had 4. I hung out with Buttercup and painted my nails while I was there. I was going to wait around so I could see Mom, but she wasn't going to be there for a while, and Kristin wanted to stop by. So I left and Kristin and Elora came by. They stayed for about an hour and then had to leave. I took a shower after they left and then ate dinner. I ate a sandwich, which might have been my first one since coming back from England.

I didn't feel like being by myself tonight, so I called Les. I went over there after eating and stayed for a couple of hours. Now I am getting ready for bed.

I really hope work goes well this weekend. I've had some rest and now I'm ready to make some money. I need to start putting back money for Christmas.

So, on a side note: I had to buy a new clock for my kitchen because the other one broke when it fell off the wall. I bought the exact same clock, so I thought. I get home, put the battery in, and put it on the wall. I immediately notice that it ticks so freaking loud. I held to two clocks up side by side and realize that they are different. But they had the same packaging and look just alike. Let me just tell you that I can hear that clock ticking in my closet. It's ridiculous. But I've already thrown away the box, so I can't return it. I have a feeling that that clock will run it's course very soon. I foresee me ripping the battery out while screaming.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Sunshine after the rain

Today was a better day. I went to work and had a pretty easy going day. All the servers were cut by 3, so me and the bartender held down the fort. I guess they do think I'm good enough to take the entire place during the day and train the new employees.

After work I came home and passed out. It felt good to actually be able to take a nap. The rest of the night I've just been going through boxes and trying to get everything put up. I have so much stuff!! I don't want my room to look cluttered, so I'm having a hard finding a place for everything. I need to buy something to put all my papers in. Actually I just need a box to put all my junk in.

I'm looking forward to having the next two days off. I have some errands I need to run. I also want to go swimming sometime. Tomorrow Les is coming over and I'm cooking him dinner. I'm excited about that.

Oh, I had some tasty margaritas to get me through the night. It's been about a month since I've drank any alcohol. There's nothing like a good margarita!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Sucky Day

Today wasn't a very good day. I woke up this morning and absolutely did not want to go to work. I decided to call in. I figured I could use the day to go look for another job. So after calling in, I got up and applied to a couple of banks online. Then I felt really exhausted, so I layed back down. Les called around 1:30 and woke me up. He asked me if I would take him to go pick up applications. He said he wanted to go around 3, so no hurry. I just layed around in bed until almost 3. I just didn't have any motivation. I finally got up and got ready. I must have changed clothes 6 or 7 times. I couldn't find anything I wanted to wear. I don't know what was wrong with me.

I took Les to a couple of steak houses, Outback and Saltgrass. Then we went to eat at Chick-fil-A. I wasn't in a good mood, so I took him home and then came home. I changed into my pjs and fell asleep on the couch.

I feel like I'm depressed. I really don't want to get a bank job. For one, it's not what I want to do with my career. Two, it's going to be hard working 2 jobs. Three, it might make it difficult to go on interviews. But at the same time, I don't really want to work at the Jalapeno Tree either. I don't know if I will like it better if my schedule gets better. I'm just really stressed and frustrated.

After my nap, I got up and made dinner. I had an egg sandwich and bacon. I had never cooked bacon before, so I was proud of myself. Then I watched the other movie I rented. Later on I applied for some more jobs online. One was for a sales assistant (which is what I really want to do) and the other was for an administrative assistant. I feel like I've been looking for jobs and worrying about jobs all day. Why can't I find something? Why won't people call me for an interview? I just don't understand.

Now it's 12:30 and I'm not tired. I've been having a hard time sleeping lately. I think it's because I'm stressed. Hopefully tomorrow will be better.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

I don't like to be stressed

My job is stressing me out. I hate being angry and complaining every day. My schedule is the main thing I complain about. Yesterday Michelle told me that I should be happy with my new schedule because she was able to give me more time off. Well, when I looked at the schedule today, I had the same exact schedule as last week, except with Thursday morning off. I had a nervous break down. There was lots of crying, managers talking to me, and me thinking about quitting.

It's ridiculous. I shouldn't have to work over 50 hours week after week after week. Phyllis calmed me down and told me that she would take care of everything. A few minutes later Michelle told me that she gave me Wed and Thurs off, and I don't come in until 3 on Fri. That schedule is so much better than the one I had. But I still want to quit. I think I might go and apply to some banks around the area. I don't want to, but I feel like that is my only option. I'm really getting frustrated that I haven't found a job yet. I know I make good money at the Jalapeno Tree, but it's not worth it.

After my horrible day at work, I picked up Les and brought him back to my place. I took a shower, which felt so good. Then we went to Chili's and ate. Afterwards we went to Blockbuster, rented some movies, and came back to my place to watch them. While we were at Blockbuster, I told the guy I needed to get a Blockbuster card. He said it would be a $10 charge. I asked him to repeat himself, and he said that it would be $10 for me to get a card and I would get the rewards program for free. I've never had to pay for a Blockbuster card before. I told him that and he told me that I could go to a different store. I then told him that I had a card, but my wallet got stolen. He took my ID, looked up my info, and printed out me a card. He looked none too thrilled about me already having an account. I really think that he was trying to sneakingly sell me the rewards card. I think I might call his manager.

After we watched the movie, I took Les home. I came back on a mission. And that mission was to CLEAN. I did 4 loads of laundry, swept the kitchen, cleaned the kitchen and bathroom, put the things on my shelves back up, and cleared off my counter tops. I feel like I got a lot accomplished. Now it's time to go to bed and I don't want to. The sooner I go to sleep. the sooner I have to go to work. I really don't want to work all day, but I have to suck it up.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Well Well

Well, I finally got new carpet. Mom came over Tuesday night and helped me clear off everything. She ended up spending the night since it was late. Then we got up at 8:30 (on my day off) and ate breakfast. Then I went and picked up Les and brought him over. Kyle showed up shortly after, and we moved everything out of the apartment in about 20 minutes. Most of my furniture was sitting outside my door in the walkway. The guys left while me and Mom stayed at the apartment. The carpet guys were supposed to be there around 11. We called the apartments just to make sure that they were coming, and we were told that they would be there any time between 10 and 12. So we waited and waited and waited. Kyle had to be at work at 4, so I was getting a little worried. I finally called him and told him to just go home. The carpet guys finally showed up at around 1:45. We had sat outside my apartment for nearly 3 hours! They did their job really fast and we even talked them into moving all my furniture into my apartment for $30.

After all that I was tired, but we still had to up everything. Aunt Lana came over and helped put up my star mirror, towel rack, and a couple shelves. Me and Mom got almost everything put up, except for the stuff that goes in the living room. After a long day, I cleaned up and went over to Les'. We hadn't hung out in 2 weeks, so I enjoyed our time together. Then I came home and passed out.

Did I mention that my carpet looks great?

Today was my first of three doubles at work. It was slow all day, and I didn't make much money. I don't look forward to the weekend at all.

When I came home from work I had a new towel rack in my shower and new blinds in the living room. My cabinets were open, so I'm guessing they were checking them out. I need to talk to the apartments about painting them. I'm glad things are finally getting done (the carpet, blinds, towel rack). This is also starting to feel more like home. Except now it smells because of the new carpet. But it's nothing a few candles can't fix!

Sunday, September 9, 2007


I work too much. I feel like all I do is work. The only time I see Mom is when she comes to see me. And the only time I'm around Les is at work. It sucks. Too bad the money is good. I made almost $300 in 3 days. I work 4 doubles next week. I'm going to make real good money, but I'm going to be exhausted!

I've been so emotional lately. I went over to Mom's after work today, and she had bought me groceries. I almost started crying! I guess it's from all the stress from work and moving. Now my kitchen is starting to look like a real kitchen with Mom's contribution.

I really want to give this apartment a good cleaning, but that will have to wait. Maybe next Sunday I'll have some time. I'm anxious to see the new carpet. I hope it's fluffy.

Thursday, September 6, 2007


Well, today I returned back to work. It was a very uneventful day except for the fact that Eddie and Chuck, and Mom and Debbie came by to see me. That was a nice surprise. Business has slowed down some, which worries me a little. I just wish I could find a new job and not have to worry about money.

After work I dropped Les off and then went to Kroger. I really wanted some Lipton Lemon flavored tea, but I couldn't find any. I could have run over to Wal-Mart, but I was too lazy. I did pick up some hot sauce, chicken, an onion, bacon, and butter. Then I came home to my apartment. It's still a little strange to be here. I miss home a lot. I miss talking to Mom and petting Buttercup. But then again I enjoy being here by myself when I wake up. I guess I just get lonely at night.
My apartments called me today and told me that they would replace my carpet. The only problem with that is I have to have someone move everything out of the apartment and then back in. Mom is going to take off work and help. Les is going to help, and Kyle said he could help too. Most of the stuff won't be hard to move, it's just the bed, couch, and entertainment center. Even though it's a pain, I do like the fact that I will have new carpet.

Ok, now for some pictures of my new pad:

Before all the painting:

My red wall in progress....

Purple bedroom

My crap-load of cds that I had to put in alphabetical order

The stickers I got from Ikea

My lip gloss bowl

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

My first days

Well, it's been a very long 4 days. I finally got into my apartment, but not without stress. There was a lot of stuff that wasn't done like: the shower rod was missing, cabinets needed to be painted, and the carpet needed to be replaced. Of course no one was in the office this weekend, so we had to move in without replacing the carpet. Now it looks like I'm stuck with it.

Mom and Aunt Lana helped out so much. They painted, moved boxes, and hung everything up. I need to do something nice for them, but that will have to wait till I get some money. Kristin came over on Sunday and helped too.

Most of my stuff is put up, but I still have a few boxes to go through. Every time I clean out something or put stuff up, I end up with a pile of stuff that I don't know what to do with. Why is that? That's where I am at right now. I'll be busy working all weekend, so I went through the house and just put everything back in boxes and moved them into the corner.

Today Liz and Cesar came over. It was fun spending time with them. Liz almost made me wreck in the car from laughing so hard. We were staring at the car next to us at the light, trying to figure out if it was a man or woman, and she squirted out too much lotion in her hand because she wasn't paying attention.

I really don't want to go back to work tomorrow. I hate that place. Mom gave me Sarah's number, so I need to call her and see if I can get a job at Clear Channel.

I'm too tired to upload my pictures right now. But I will post them soon.