Thursday, September 6, 2007


Well, today I returned back to work. It was a very uneventful day except for the fact that Eddie and Chuck, and Mom and Debbie came by to see me. That was a nice surprise. Business has slowed down some, which worries me a little. I just wish I could find a new job and not have to worry about money.

After work I dropped Les off and then went to Kroger. I really wanted some Lipton Lemon flavored tea, but I couldn't find any. I could have run over to Wal-Mart, but I was too lazy. I did pick up some hot sauce, chicken, an onion, bacon, and butter. Then I came home to my apartment. It's still a little strange to be here. I miss home a lot. I miss talking to Mom and petting Buttercup. But then again I enjoy being here by myself when I wake up. I guess I just get lonely at night.
My apartments called me today and told me that they would replace my carpet. The only problem with that is I have to have someone move everything out of the apartment and then back in. Mom is going to take off work and help. Les is going to help, and Kyle said he could help too. Most of the stuff won't be hard to move, it's just the bed, couch, and entertainment center. Even though it's a pain, I do like the fact that I will have new carpet.

Ok, now for some pictures of my new pad:

Before all the painting:

My red wall in progress....

Purple bedroom

My crap-load of cds that I had to put in alphabetical order

The stickers I got from Ikea

My lip gloss bowl

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Amber said...

OOOOO! I want to come see your new pad. It looks brilliant! Miss you. I would have helped, if you need any more help call me :)