Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Sunshine after the rain

Today was a better day. I went to work and had a pretty easy going day. All the servers were cut by 3, so me and the bartender held down the fort. I guess they do think I'm good enough to take the entire place during the day and train the new employees.

After work I came home and passed out. It felt good to actually be able to take a nap. The rest of the night I've just been going through boxes and trying to get everything put up. I have so much stuff!! I don't want my room to look cluttered, so I'm having a hard finding a place for everything. I need to buy something to put all my papers in. Actually I just need a box to put all my junk in.

I'm looking forward to having the next two days off. I have some errands I need to run. I also want to go swimming sometime. Tomorrow Les is coming over and I'm cooking him dinner. I'm excited about that.

Oh, I had some tasty margaritas to get me through the night. It's been about a month since I've drank any alcohol. There's nothing like a good margarita!

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