Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Party pics

William and I

Becca dancing

Melissa and I
Crazy girls
What is going on here?
Best pic of the night

Me, Brad, and Chris
The managersLook at her hair!
Keith, William and I
Don't ask

Most of the crew
Dancing fever
Brain was the first to pass out
Poor guy

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Steph said...

Lacey! I got your comment! I may end up doing two sessions because of the big response that I have gotten. I originally opened it up to the women's group at church so that's the session I will be doing first. I only want to do 12 people per class so if those 12 spots fill up, I will add a second class. I should know more about the exact times and dates in a week or so and I will message you back to let you know! I'll be so excited to see you!