Sunday, May 18, 2008

Weekend Roundup

Thursday night I went over to Mom's and had a Lost marathon. I had missed 3 episodes, so I needed to catch up. That show is so addicting!! I didn't get home till after 1am.

Friday I was so tired. I just wanted to go home and crawl back in bed. I thought about calling in to The Bronx, but I decided to tough it out. When I got to work, I found out that there was going to be a party of 20 on the back patio. I was scheduled in D and Brady was scheduled in E (the back patio). Well Brady said he wasn't coming in since he had E. So that meant that I had that party. But at 5:30, Brady came strolling in. There was no point in me being there, so I left. Kristin texted me on my way home asking if I wanted to hang out. I came home, jumped in the shower and got ready. We went to a little Mexican restaurant by my house called Maya. It was real good. I ended up getting pretty tipsy off just one drink. By the time I got home, I was ready for bed. Amanda had wanted me to come to a party with her, but I passed out at 9:45.

It felt so good to sleep in on Saturday. I left my house around 1 and headed out to Richardson. I went to cake carousel for some baking supplies. Keith and German's birthdays are coming up, so I want to bake for them. Keith likes red velvet cake, so I'm wondering if I can make it without it being red. Maybe just skip the food coloring? I don't know. After I left there, I went to Northpark. I bought a pink tree necklace holder and a necklace from Urban. I bought 2 dresses and 3 shirts at Macys. I also bought some jewelry from Forever 21. Then I went to Michael's to buy some cake stuff. I bought a lot, but now I should be stocked up! Afterwards I stopped by Mom's to show her what I bought. Then I went to Lowes to return something for Mom and buy what I needed to make my earring holder. While I was there I looked around at the flowers. I think I want to get some succulents, a hanging basket of flowers, and a flower holder that hangs over my balcony. I also want an orchid for inside. I can't wait to start buying flowers! And before I went home I stopped by Uncle Larry's to pick up his staple gun. Then I went home to be lazy.



Today I had to work. It wasn't too busy, but I made a little money. After work I went to El Finex for Steven's graduation dinner. I can't believe he is already 18. It seems just like yesterday me and him were playing foozball together. I wish I got to see the guys more. Now everybody has their own thing going on, and I don't feel as close to them, even though I consider them my cousins. After leaving there, I went down the street to Posados to see Chelsey. A bunch of kitchen guys that used to work there and then quit, were back again. And they all remembered me. One of them told me that they missed me. I do love my Mexicans! And they love me! David and Raul, the kitchen managers, came out to talk to me for a while. I was surprised that Raul even remembered me. I finally left there and came home. I did some laundry and dreamt of bed.

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