Wednesday, May 14, 2008


I had every intention of working out today, but baking cupcakes took up my whole night. Tomorrow is my co-worker's birthday, so I wanted to bake her something. I found the idea on the Martha Stewart website. The cupcakes were supposed to look like this:

But instead they came out like this:

But they aren't bad. Let's consider it practice. I blame it mostly on the gel decorations. FYI...gel never does what you want it to. Stick to icing. I thought about making icing, but I decided that it would take too much time and effort. I made the heads out of gum drops. The only ones I could find said Spice Gumdrops on the bag. So I'm sure they taste horrible. I used pipe cleaner for the antennas. My advice: don't eat the heads.
I licked the blue icing off the knife and later discovered that my tongue looked like this. I tried brushing it, but my tongue is still blue. Hopefully it will fade away tomorrow. But it's not like I go sticking my tongue out all day.

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