Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter Weekend

I had a very nice weekend that started a little early this time. Friday was a slow day at work. I spent most of the day catching up on paperwork and trying to find something to do. Amanda (the other assistant) got to leave at 1pm. Me and Kelli were the only ones there after lunch. Kelli let me leave at 3pm. I had to work at The Bronx at 5. I really didn't feel like working that day, so I called in. I came home and took a long nap.

After my nap I took a shower and went to pick up Les. He came over to spend the night. We stayed up all night watching movies. Well, I could only stay up long enough to watch one. I went to bed while he watched the other.

Saturday we got up and made breakfast taquitos. We spent most of the day laying around, being lazy. I did get up enough energy to do his taxes. Around 5 I dropped him off. I came back home and watched another movie. After I watched that movie, I saw that The Matrix was on TV, so I watched that. And I had 3 glasses of wine. I never think to drink the alcohol that I have. I felt all grown up drinking my wine and flipping through my In Style magazine.

Sunday I didn't want to get out of bed. I got up and got ready. I went to Mom's house, and me, Mom, and Aunt Lana went to brunch at Mattitos. It was sooooooooo good. I ate so much food! After brunch, we came home and I caught up on the Lost episodes I had missed. I was over there most of the day. When I came home, I watched the Bee Movie, cleaned my kitchen, and put up my laundry.

It was a good weekend. I think next weekend I'm going to go shopping!

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