Friday, March 14, 2008

Don't mes with me!

We all know about my towing incident. Just in case you don't, here is a quick overview. I was towed Feb 15 from across the street from The Bronx. They said I was in a handicap space, but I wasn't. I had to pay $138.30 to get my car. The next week we talk to the place and they say that it was towed by mistake and they will refund the money. 3 weeks later they still haven't given us the money, and now they say it's a good tow. I got Howard and Jess (the owners of The Bronx) involved, but no progress has been made.

Well, tonight the tow truck showed up again to tow a car. Me and Jarko ran across the street to make sure they weren't towing illegally. As soon as we walk up, the driver starts mouthing off. Asking us if we were going to call the cops again. (Last time they towed a car, we called the cops because they broke into it to tow it.) Anyways, he gets back in the truck and starts to drive off. As he is passing us, he is yelling at us. I can't really understand what he is saying, so I told him to fuck off. That got him hyped up and he stopped the car. We are yelling back and forth, and then he says "Do you want to settle this?" and gets out of the truck. I asked him if he was going to hit a girl, and he said "No, I'm going to hit him" and points to Jarko. Jarko starts yelling, and I jump in front of Jarko and tell the guy that I'm the one yelling at him. I was pretty sure he wasn't going to do anything to either of us. But I kept my eye on the other guy in the truck, because I knew if he got out of the truck then we had a problem. Anyways, he got in his truck and drove off yelling at us. But he didn't tow the car he was eyeing.

I probably wouldn't have done that, had I not had so much built up anger for them. Just wait till Monday when I pay both offices a visit!

FYI....I'm not parking in that parking lot anymore.

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