Sunday, November 16, 2008


Thursday, a girl at work talked about finding her new dog on Craig's List. I had never even thought about looking for a pet on there, so I decided to look around. I found a posting for a cat that needed a new home. The couple had just had a baby, and the baby was allergic to cats. The cat, Chloe, was 7 years old, declawed, fixed, and loveable. I emailed the couple and set up a time to go see the cat.

The owner had told that she was a big cat, but I didn't think anything of it. Buttercup is a fat cat, and that just makes her more loveable. When we got to the house, the owner brought out the cat and I thought "oh my gosh!" It's the biggest cat I've ever seen in person. Chloe weighs 20lbs! For those of you who know Buttercup - she weighs 14 lbs. So just imagine how big this cat is. She can't even use a large litter box cause she is so big. But she is the most loveablt cat. She is social and loves to be pet. She also likes to rub her head on everything.

I brought her home Saturday, and she was pretty scared. She ended up sleeping under my bed that night. I didn't sleep well cause I was worried about her. I didn't want her to be too scared. This morning when I got up, I looked under the bed and she came right out. She starting to meow and rub on me. I spent some time with her before I left for work. I felt so bad leaving her.

When I got home from work she was just hanging out on my bed. She doesn't seem too scared now. Right now she is laying on the floor beside me. She is a sweetie.


Sally Nightstand said...

she is precious

Sarah said...

How cute :] I'm glad you finally got one.