Monday, November 10, 2008

Is it Monday already?

Well, I had a pretty good weekend.
Friday I had to work both jobs. Bleh! I was on the patio at The Bronx, so that meant I had only 2 tables since it was so chilly. Me and Kristin got off early since we had no tables. We headed over to Gingerman and waited for her date. She met a guy earlier in the week and was meeting up with him. She invited me along - maybe for protection or maybe for company. Either way, she didn't need it. Her date got a thumbs up.
That place was pretty cool. We sat outside since it was loud inside. And unfortunately neither of us had a jacket. But they had a jukebox inside and someone kept playing my favorite music. I got to hear Modest Mouse, Cold War Kids, Interpol, CCR, and ZZ Top. Kristin was convinced that my future husband was inside playing the music! I want to go back. Good music, cool atmosphere, and cute boys.
Saturday I slept in, which felt so nice. After I got up and ate lunch, I went across the street to take pictures of trees. Yes, I am very aware that I'm a total dork. But I wanted to get some pictures of the trees while they were such pretty colors. I don't know. I just think trees are beautiful. I like to stand beneath the limbs and look up at the sky. I even like trees with no leaves. Strange - I know. Anyways, I ended up getting some good pictures.
When I got home from taking pictures, Kristin called. She came by and we ran some errands. We went to Best Buy and dreamed of getting a new digital camera. Then we went to Michael's to look for ideas for Elora's birthday party.
After she dropped me off I went to Super Target. And we all know what happens when Lacey goes to Super Target - She spends way too much money. But it's ok. I bought some food, Elora's birthday present, and some tights. It's all good.
Sunday I had to work. Ugh. I so did not want to go in. We weren't very busy, so I got to leave a little early. I headed over to Reverchon Park and took some more pictures of trees. I really like the pictures I got there. I was able to get close up and also get underneath the trees. Before I left work I also took some pictures of the sunflowers that were sitting on a table next to the front door. I was really happy with those.
After taking pictures, I met Mom up at Best Buy. They were having a special where you can get a new phone with an upgrade. So I got a LG Shine!!! I got the silver one and Mom got the red one. They are so pretty. But I have to get used to having a new phone. I still don't know half the things it can do. But I do know that it holds music, so I'm pretty excited about that.
After we got our new phones, we went over to Panera. We stayed there for a while talking and then we headed home. I was tired, but I really wanted to clean my apartment. So I cleaned a little, read, and then passed out.
I really didn't want to get up this morning. I hate Mondays!! Tonight was Heroes. I hadn't decided if I was going to watch it or not, but I was already planted on the couch when it came on, so I figured I'd watch it. It was the best episode I've seen in a while. I was getting tired of the show because you don't know who is good and who is bad anymore. Then some are good, but pretending to be bad and you thought this person was dead, but they're not. Whatever. But tonight's show was about who they were before and how they became who they are now. Not to ruin anything for anyone, but Peter's mom is really not so evil! Finally. But I do still miss the old Heroes. I guess I'm back on the band wagon for now.
Here are my pics:

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