Monday, April 28, 2008

Busy Bee

I've been a very busy girl lately.

Thursday was Showdown. I went to work at normal time. Then around noon, I rode with a co-worker over to Chuys. We had open bar and buffet. Since it was open bar, Justin suggested that we do shots. So, Justin, Amanda, and I did shots. After Chuys, we headed over to Frankys. There, we drank more and did more shots. I had my first tequila shot since I was 18. I was glad to see that I didn't throw up. At Frankys we met John Carlo from New York. We ended up hanging out with him for the rest of the night. After Frankys, we took a cab to Showdown, There, everyone rode the mechanical bull. We decided to leave and go to the Corner Pub. After having drinks there, we walked to Louie's and ate pizza. Finally, I was driven back to my car.

Justin @ Showdown

Amanda and I

Justin, Amanda, and Courtney in the cab

John Carlo

I stopped at Les' before I went home. It was our last chance to see each other before he moved. It was a good time, but it was cut short because I started to feel sick. I went home, and tried to go to bed. I finally decided that maybe I would just go sit next to the toilet. As soon as I sat down in front of it, I threw up. It's been so long since I've thrown up. Bleh!

Saturday Kristin and I went to Casey's wedding. It was a nice wedding. We didn't get to hang out with the guys like we had hoped. I ended up seeing Suzi (my hairdresser) there. Around 9 we headed home.

Casey's Groom's cake

Kristin and I

Casey and I

Seth, me, and Brad

Sunday I had to work. It was actually busy for the first time in 3 weeks. It felt so good to actually make money.

Today I called into work. I haven't been feeling good lately. I don't have much of an appetite, and then when I eat I feel sick. I was pretty lazy all day. I did manage to do some cleaning, laundry, make a trip to the grocery store, and finally cut up my pineapple. I think pineapple is my new favorite thing!

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