Tuesday, March 31, 2009

New Addition

Saturday Amber, Gerti, and I met Mom and Aunt Lana at Unleashed. They were having their grand opening, so we wanted to check it out. It's a pretty neat place. It's not all finished yet, but soon there will be a cafe and an outdoor water park. There were so many dogs there. There were a bunch of breeds I had never seen before. And for the first time ever - I got to pet a Frenchie!! That just made my week. Here are a few pictures from the park.
Gertie in her sweater

A Frenchie!


After the dog park we all went to lunch at Posados. Then we brought Gertie to my place to introduce her to Riley. Of course Riley barked and growled, but then she seemed to like Gertie. Gertie tried to chase her around, but then she wanted to swat at her.

That night I went to a girls night with Kristin and Stacey. We went to Jessica's house and watched movie, ate pizza, and drank wine. It was a lot of fun, and I'm glad I went.

Sunday Mom and I went to go look at a dog we found online. The family was selling it because they didn't have the time to devote to it. It was a black and white shih tzu/poodle mix. When we went to see her, so wasn't very friendly to us. She seemed scared to come to us. But when we got her outside, she began to run around and play. She finally came to us to let us pet her. Mom decided to take her. So here is the newest member of our family:

She hadn't been groomed in a long time, so she kind of look like a Rastafarian dog. They named her Coco, but we changed it to Roxie. When Riley came over, they immediately started playing. It was so cute.

Yesterday I took her to the groomers. They didn't get to finish grooming her cause she got too angry. Apparently she hadn't been groomed before. But here is her new look!

Look at those teeth!

Best Buds

She is a really sweet girl and gets along great with Riley. Below are some of the latest pics of Riley.

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