Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Nothing much

Well, I haven't been up to much lately. My allergies have come to visit, so that's always fun.

Riley has been doing such a good job at potty training. Every time she goes to the bathroom outside or on her potty pad, she gets a treat. Giving her treats has really helped her learn that outside is where she needs to potty. She is so cute when she goes out. She will sniff around, squat, turn around and smell it, and before you can tell her "good job" she is jumping around all over the place. She loves her treats! As soon as I get the leash out, she gets all excited cause she knows she is going out. It's so adorable.

She is already getting bigger :( Her tail is longer now, and it curls more instead of just sitting on her back. Her color is also getting lighter. I think she will be real pretty when she grows up. (Not that she is not adorable now.) She is also learning to jump up on things. She can't get on the couch yet (no matter how hard she tries), but she has learned to jump on the bottom level of the coffee table. But she's not too sure how to get down. She usually growls and barks and then just kind of falls off.

Yesterday I got some cute pictures of her. She is getting braver with Chloe. Now she chases after her and tries to eat her tail. Chloe is becoming more acceptable of her. Here are some of the pics:
Sun Bathing


Look at that little tongue!

Getting closer


Today I decided to give her a bath. Guess who doesn't like baths?

I braved the splashing water to get this picture. She was none too happy. In fact, I think she is plotting her revenge. What do you think?

Oh well, at least she smells nice. Tomorrow is her first visit to the vet. Hopefully she won't be too scared. Here are some more pictures from our lazy days.

They take a lot of naps.

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