Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Fair Day

I know I have been away. So much has happened, so I’m going to break it up into different posts.

Last Tuesday Mom and I went to the fair. I hadn’t been in 2 years, so I was super excited to go. We got there around noon and didn’t leave until 9:30 pm. We decided to do more than just ride the rides this year.

We started off with a yummy corn dog. Then we ventured off to the dog shows. Watching those dogs made me want one even more. The trainers did this trick where they patted their belly and the dog would jump up into their arms. I want to teach my dog to do that. I just have to make sure I catch it :) We watched 2 dog shows: dog tricks and dancing with the dogs. They were both really cute.

After the dog shows, we headed to the petting zoo. We got to see all the cute baby animals. The giraffe was my favorite. Well, that and the sleeping donkey.
Then we went into the building that had all the clothes and crafts. Mom bought me a Sham Wow. Hopefully it will be useful for my future dog (or cat) accidents. I found some really cute shirts that I liked. They were called How Cute. They kind of looked like the same style as Ed Hardy. I ended up buying 3 of them. I also bought some diva sunglasses.

After shopping we headed to the car show. I saw a few cars that I’d like to have. I really liked the sporty Honda Accord. I also like the new Mazda 6 and one of the Sicon cars. Too bad I don’t have the money to get a new car.

After looking at all the cars, we headed to the Midway. I rode a couple rides and got some pictures. Then we headed down to the light show. We didn’t stick around to watch it long. We went back to the Midway and I spent the rest of our tickets riding rides.

I had a lot of fun. I’m so glad I got to go this year. It’s one of my favorite things!

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Your pictures look really good :]