Monday, January 14, 2008

Busy Bee

-Wake up on my own at 9:40am
-Make a breakfast sandwich (eggs, bacon, and cheese)
-Waist time on the computer
-Clean up the apartment a little
-Wash towels
-Take a shower and get ready
-Pick up Les and grab a bite to eat at Bueno
-Hang out at Les'
-Play Rock Band with the family (so much fun!)
-Go home and pass out

-Get up early and get ready
-Meet Mom
-Have Brunch at The Bronx
-Return lantern to Pottery Barn
-Buy a new doormat and pillow at Target
-Go by Amber's apartment
-Hang out with Amber, Kristin, and E-lo
-Go to the mall and buy a lantern
-Get Burgerstreet
-Hang out at Mom's
-Go home and pass out

-Try to sleep in
-Schedule interview with doctor's office
-Apply to be a substitute teacher
-Call about student loans
-Sell my Best Buy stock
-Sign up for a job fair
-Take a nap
-Wake up and get dressed
-Go to Half Priced Books to sell back Les' stuff
-Find some books I want, but realize I have no money to buy them
-Go Pizza Inn with
-See that they are out of pizza
-Go to another Pizza Inn
-Eat lots of pizza and salad
-Go back to Les' and watch TV
-Go home and talk to Mom for an hour
-Do laundry
-Go to bed

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