Monday, October 22, 2007


It has been a while since I have posted anything, so here is what I have been up to:

Wednesday night Rebecca, Sarah, and Emily came over for a girls night. I cooked enchiladas for everyone. The enchiladas had cheese and beef on the inside and were topped with green chili sauce. I cooked black beans and rice to go along with it. We also ate some of the pico Mom made me. I wasn't too impressed with the beans and rice, but the enchiladas were a hit!

Here is me cooking. I made everything by myself, except Rebecca rolled the tortillas.

For drinks I made apple martinis and pink panties (vodka and pink lemonade). I finally got to use my martini glasses from Crate and Barrel.

We had a lot of fun and decided we need to get together more often. Plus it was nice having people over.

Since Thursday I've just been working. My sciatica has been bothering me, so working hasn't been too pleasant. Mom let me borrow her heating pad, which has helped a lot.

Friday I went into work and worked my butt off and made $131. I was so excited. I haven't had any money this month so I'm left with no choice but to pick up as many shifts as I can. Right now I have to make $400 by the end of the month. So no free time for Lacey :(

Today I went on an interview at Katz radio. I think it went pretty well, but she told me that they were interviewing a lot of people, so that doesn't make me feel so confident. I also had to take a math test while I was there, which was strange. I ran into Mark in the hall and was excited to see him. I really wish I could have worked with him.

After the interview I came home, changed into my pajamas, and snuggled under the covers. I fell asleep and was woken up by the phone. The president of Champion Sports Radio wanted to set up an interview with me. I called him back and set up an interview. Him and the vice president are taking me to lunch Wednesday morning to talk. I am so nervous. While I was on the phone with him, I had a call beep in. I had a voicemail from a lady at FOX. She wanted to set up an interview as well. So Wednesday afternoon I am going to talk to her. All that was pretty cool, but strange at the same time. Hopefully one of these interview will lead to a job.

Since it's so cold outside I turned off the ac, but now I'm cold. I don't want to turn the heat on because I want to save money, plus it will probably be too warm. But I hope it stays cool for a while longer.

And that is what I have been up to. My birthday is next week and I am none too excited. I think Les is working on Halloween and my birthday. Mom can't take off from work. And getting everyone together is too much of a hassle. Plus I didn't do anything for anyone else's birthday, so I don't expect them to do anything for mine. I also don't have any money to do anything. But I hope I don't end up sitting around the house by myself that day. Maybe I will go get my hair done that day.

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