Sunday, October 14, 2007

Rain is in the forecast

It's raining outside! This past weekend wasn't any different from all the other weekends: work, sleep, work, complain, work, sleep.

Saturday night I went over to Liz's new apartment. It's an older apartment, but it's cute. Once she gets some furniture and decorates, it'll be real cute.

Today I went over to Mom's after work. She had been real sick, so I brought her some food from Sonic. I also got a whopper shake and a lemon cream slush. Both are delicious!

Today is cleaning day, but I'm not going to clean. It may be strange, but I like to clean while the sun is shining. Maybe it makes me feel like things are getting cleaner. Maybe Tuesday I will give the place a good cleaning.

I'm glad it's raining, because I like the rain. But I have a feeling that the power might go out. Also, there is a little creek outside my apartment and everytime it rains, I have a fear of little kittens getting swept away in it. Now, I have never seen any kittens around my apartment, but there are cats. I frequently peak out my window to see if I need to run down there and save a helpless animal. I'm weird, yes I know.

Tomorrow I get to pick up my car. I had to put it in the shop last week to fix the door (from when it was broken into). They gave me an extended cab Ford F150 to drive around while my car was being fixed. It's huge! But I like it. I will be sad to give it back, but I won't miss parking that monster.

I also need to call Christal Radio tomorrow. He said to call at the begining of the week to see if I have a second interview. I really hope I do. And I really hope I get the job.

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