Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Well, I'm still sick. I called in to work yesterday. All I've been doing is laying around on the couch and sleeping a lot. I rented a bunch of movies Tuesday because I knew I would be trapped in my apartment for a few days. I've already watched Evan Almighty, Resident Evil: Apocalypse, and 28 Weeks Later. When I finish with this post I will watch Music and Lyrics.

I'm feeling better, but I still have no energy and I feel sick to my stomach. On the bright side, I have a job interview tomorrow at Crystal Clear Radio. It's for a sales assistant position. I'm excited, but not too excited. I just don't understand why I'm not getting the jobs I interview for. But I will be positive and hopefully I will get this job. I really need money. I feel like I'm struggling. I don't know if I really am or if it's just mental.

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