Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Snow Day!

I'm finally out of training! It feels so good to be done with it. Last week was full of studying and working. I finished up on Sunday. I got home around 6, ate dinner, and went to bed at 8:30. I ended up sleeping 15 hours! But I felt so much better on Monday. I had planned on being lazy on Monday, but there was a winter storm blowing in that night, so I decided to run errands. I finally got my oil changed, got gas, picked up dog food, and took Riley to the vet.
When Mom got home we decided to go out to eat. We tried a new place in Rockwall called Chiloso. It's like a taco/burrito/nacho bar. Very similar to Chipotle, but more of a variety. We got the street tacos and nachos. We also tried all the different salsas.
After dinner I was craving ice cream, so we went to Cold Stone. I got yummy cake batter with peanut butter cups.
Then we spent way too much time running around town trying to find an ice scraper. Mom didn't have one and I couldn't find mine. Too bad we were only able to get one.
It started misting around 8 last night and progressively got worse. It started raining around 10 and then around midnight it was pouring down rain. When I went to bed I could hear the sleet hitting my window, and that continued through the morning. I woke up to a snow day. In case you didn't know, Texas doesn't get snow. We get ice. And all that rain turned into ice. Luckily the wine class I had to take today was cancelled. I spent the day watching TV and catching up on blogs. I'm thinking tomorrow will be another snow day since it's 12 degrees outside! Here is picture of Riley outside in the cold. It's been so windy today, and Riley doesn't care much for the wind.
I will leave you with a cake I made last weekend. It was an Over the Hill cake similar to the one I made not too long ago.
I hope it's warm where you are!

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