Wednesday, February 9, 2011

More snow!

I've spent most of my time snowed in the past couple of weeks. Schools were closed 4 days last week because of the snow and ice. Luckily I didn't have to work until the weekend. The dogs were super excited about the snow. We took them out for just a little bit and they were covered in snow balls in no time.
The snow melted in time for the weekend and brought people out of their homes. I worked my first weekend at the restaurant and made good money. Then the snow came back again. Today was another snow day. School was cancelled and things shut down. I slept in and made pancakes for lunch.
I headed into work, and when I got there they told me I had the night off. So I came home, got in my pajamas and watched Idol. Tomorrow is my day off and I have a lot planned. I'm finally getting a haircut, running errands, and baking cupcakes. I have to make some Xbox and Valentine cupcakes for the weekend. I'm also thinking about trying to make heart shaped cake pops. We shall see...

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