Sunday, August 1, 2010

It's too hot to go outside!

This weekend has been full of watching movies, crocheting, and hanging out with my little furry one. I did manage to squeeze in some shopping and a night out.
Friday my cousin came over after work to hang out and pick up some cake pops. After he left, Mom and I went to Chipotle for some yummy burritos :)
Saturday I slept in, ate lunch, and took a nap. Later that day we went to the mall and spent way too much money at Sephora and Lush. Then we shared nachos and tacos and Tin Star. On the way home we stopped by Yogurtland and I had the most delicious yogurt: lemon passion fruit.
Sunday was another lazy day. I slept in, did laundry and cleaned my room. I also went to see a friend's play and went out for drinks afterwards. I'd have to say it was a good weekend. Here is proof that I worked on my blanket and spent quality time with Riley.

This is my 2nd blanket that I finished a couple of weeks ago.


Anonymous said...

What's your favorite yarn to use?

Celeste said...

wow that's amazing. my mother crochets and i've always wanted to learn- the colors you chose are gorgeous

Lacey said...

Jazmyn - I like using I Love This Yarn and the Deborah Norville collection. But I'm not picky about the brands. I mostly buy according to color.

Celeste - Thanks! Learning to crochet was a lot easier than I expected :)

Becky Farley said...

Holy crap your pup is SO CUTE!!! :)
Your crocheting looks amazing!