Tuesday, August 17, 2010

My life...as of now

So a lot has happened since the last time I posted something. Lets start with last Monday. Last Monday was the American Idol concert. Yes, I am a dork, but it was really fun. My favorite part of the show....Casey James! He is so smokin hot and so talented. The crowd went wild when he came on stage. I really wanted him to sing "Jealous Guy" but he didn't :( Hopefully he will start playing shows in the area once he finishes the tour. Lee was good too. He sang "Use Somebody" by the Kings of Leon which made me happy. He also sang "Hallelujah" but not "Simple Man." Overall the concert was really good, even though I had to sit through Tim Urban.
Wednesday was my last day at my job. I decided to quit because I was so unhappy working there. I know it seems stupid to quit a decent paying job without another job lined up, but I took a leap of faith. I'm still waiting to see if I can substitute. School starts next week, so I'm getting nervous. But I'm trying not to freak out just yet.
After quitting my job, I was super busy with my baking. I had a last minute order from someone I used to work with. She wanted cupcakes for a little boy's baby shower. I have been wanting to make these little caterpillars for a long time and finally got the chance.

Then I had to bake 6 dozen cupcakes and a cake for my best friend's wedding reception. She got married in Vegas back in May, but she wanted to have a reception for all the people who couldn't make it to the wedding. So of course the theme was Vegas! I made little poker chips with their initial on them and a dice cake. It was my first time covering a square cake with fondant. I think it turned out pretty good. I also tried a new recipe for the cake. I made a Heath Bar cake with a creamy filling. Kristin gave me a recipe for a filling that includes pudding, Cool Whip, and Eagle Brand. How could that not be the tastiest thing ever?!

I also made a cake for my cousin. He wanted it to be like a cake I made for his birthday, but slightly different. So I made vanilla cake with cream and strawberries in the middle. Then I added chocolate jimmies around the side and chocolate covered strawberries on top. So yummy!

Saturday was the wedding reception. I got to see all my friends and some old friends too. We had so much fun. We ate lots of yummy food, drank margaritas, and had a dance party after everyone left. I didn't take any pictures, so I will have to post the pictures as soon as I get my hands on them.

Sunday and every day after that have been lazy days. I can't seem to get out of bed before noon. And since it's so hot outside, I just stay indoors and watch movies. It's nice, but I also feel like I should be doing something productive. I was going to venture out today since it was only 90 degrees and cloudy, but as soon as I got ready, the sun came out. Go figure.

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