Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Weekend Recap

Well, I haven't been up to much lately. I heard back from one of the school districts, and I have substitute orientation on Sep. 22. That means I have an entire month off. It's pretty sweet, but then again I don't have any money coming in. I'm going to use this time off to work on my school work, do some in class observations, work on my crafts, catch up on all the movies I've wanted to see, clean house, exercise, and relax. I've done a lot of the relaxing part lately :)
This weekend I did work on my baking. I made cupcakes and a cake for a friend at work. Her son was having a Toy Story themed birthday. Here are the cupcakes I made.
And here is the Woody cake. It was made to look like his jeans.
After I delivered the goodies on Saturday, Mom and I took the dogs out to a few dog stores. We wanted to check out the adoption events and get the dogs out of the house. Then we stopped by Amber's house to visit for a while. That night we went to see my cousin perform. He's a very talented singer and he was asked to perform at this little theater in Mesquite. He was really good, and it was fun even though I had to sit through hours of country music!

Sunday was a major lazy day. So instead of talking about all the stuff I didn't do, I'll show you pictures of Riley and Buttercup instead :)

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