Monday, July 5, 2010

Holiday Weekend

This weekend was an eventful one. Friday night I went out with Amber to a variety show that her friends were doing. It was nice to actually get out of the house on a Friday night. I was out until around 3am, so I was pretty tired the next day.
Saturday Mom and I ran errands. We ate lunch at Genghis Grill, but I didn't really like what I had. I'd never been there before, so I was just throwing all kinds of stuff in my bowl! I will have to try it again. While we were out I decided to start buying fabric for a quilt I want to make. I found some really cute fabrics and probably went overboard :)

That night we went to see Eclipse. We went to the 10:30pm show and I expected it to be packed. I was pleasantly surprised that it wasn't. It was was such a good movie. I'd have to say that New Moon is my favorite book, but Eclipse is a close second. And I fell in love with Jacob all over again!

Sunday I went over to my uncle's for a cook out. All the family was there plus Amber and my uncle's neighbors. We had a lot of fun and pretty much spent the whole day in the pool. I wore a hat so my head and face wouldn't get burned and put on lots of sunscreen, but that wasn't enough. The sun left it's mark on my arms and knees of all places! It still hurts pretty bad, but hopefully it will get better soon. And maybe it will even turn into a tan (fingers crossed).

Kaleb rocking my hat

Here comes the ball right at my face!

While everyone enjoyed a 3 day weekend, I had to work. I knew we would get to leave early today, but I didn't know what time. The last holiday we had, the air was turned off in the building I was at work for only 45 minutes. This time the air was on, and I had to stay till 1. It sucks being at work and knowing that everyone is at home relaxing. I picked up Chipotle on the way home and spent the rest of the afternoon cleaning my room. It's amazing what a little (or a lot in this case) can do.

I've been working on a blanket ever since I learned to crochet, and I finally finished it a week or so ago. It's not perfect, but I think it's pretty good. I plan on giving to my little niece.

After I finished that blanket I started on a baby blanket for my other niece. I'm about half way done with it.

A couple of weeks ago I entered a giveaway on this blog and I won! I never win, so I was so excited!! Here are my goodies.

My favorites are the feather journal and the too cute coin purse!

And lastly I made some cute 4th of July cupcakes. I got the idea for the pies from What's New Cupcake. The "filling" is M&M's.

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