Sunday, May 16, 2010

Vegas - Day 1

I have a ton of photos from Vegas, so I'm going to split it up some. This is all from our first day.
We only got about 3 hours of sleep the night before we left (which we paid for later). We had to get to the airport around 6am. This was Amber's first flight so she was pretty nervous.

We got to Vegas around 8am and headed to our hotel. We stayed at Planet Hollywood, which had a mall connected to it. After we checked in and left our bags we went to the mall in search of food. The great thing about Vegas is that everywhere is open for breakfast. We ate at this cute mexican food place.

After eating breakfast we met up with a friend of Amber's who happened to be there the same time as us. We walked up and down the strip until we were exhausted. When we got back to the hotel I realized that I had a sunburn. And that stupid sunburn stuck out in every picture I took for the rest of the trip!!

When we got back to the hotel we took a little nap before we had to start getting ready. Here is our hotel room. We were on the 37th floor!

For some reason we only took this one picture that night. We went to dinner at my favorite place at the Paris Hotel. We had the yummy pesto chicken penne pasta. Then we went to The Mirage to see Love. Amber and I are huge Beatles fans, so it was pretty awesome. I definitely recommend seeing if you get the chance.

After the show we came home and passed out. I think we were up for close to 24 hours!

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