Sunday, March 14, 2010

Thursday Nights

Thursday night is elimination night on American Idol. Even though I don’t love every contestant, I know the time will come when one of my favorites gets voted off. It’s always a stressful show. And that's exactly what happened this Thursday. But before I get into that I want to show you my favorites.

Casey James

An obvious favorite, but I really like his voice. If I knew about his band before the show you probably would have seen me at some of the shows. So far I've loved every performance.

Alex Lambert

I just love his voice. It’s so unique and kind of sexy. Can I say that since he is only 20?! Plus I’m routing for him since he hasn’t had a lot of experience, but has such a natural talent. But please Alex….cut the mullet!

Andrew Garcia

Andrew is the best. I love his voice, his look, and the fact that he break dances.

Lee Dewyze

Lilly Scott

She is my favorite girl contestant. I love how she makes each song her own. And she has the most amazing voice.

Crystal Bowersox

And who doesn’t love her?!

Siobhan Magnus

I wasn’t too crazy about her at first, but I’m really starting to like her. And boy can she sing!

Didi Benami

She has a great voice but I’m afraid that she won’t last long.

After Thursday's show I was so upset! I cannot believe that Lilly went home. She is a much stronger and unique singer than most of the girls that stayed. I was just so shocked. Also, I was non too happy about Alex going home. He has the best voice out of all the guys in my opinion. Also, why the hell is Tim Urban still on the show? Ugh!

Thursday night is also America’s Best Dance Crew. This is one of my favorite shows. If I could do anything, it would be join a dance crew (and be good at it). I like every group in the competition, but here are my favorites:


They don’t do a lot of dancing, but they are pretty awesome with their jump ropes. Some of the tricks they do are unbelievable.

Heavy Impact

Even though these guys are heavier, they can definitely move!


This group is my absolute favorite. They are always together and have the most amusing routines. I really hope they win this season.

Hype 5-0

I can’t understand why this group has been in the bottom 2 twice. They are one of the best and I really like their style.

Sadly Heavy Impact went home on Thursday's show. But I'm still hopeful that one of these other groups will win the title.

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