Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Amber and I got into a fight with some other girls at the movies on Saturday. Before I tell you about it I just wanted to tell you about something that happened to us last time we went to the movies.

A few months ago Amber and I went to the movies. We were one of the first people in the theater. We sat towards the top in the middle. We had our feet up on the chair in front of us. Some guys came in and sat down right in front of us. There were plenty of open seats in the theater, but they sat in front of us. We were a little frustrated, so we moved down the row to where there was nobody in front of us. Shortly after that some more guys came in and sat down in front of us. Now, the theater was still practically empty. Amber got upset and leaned down to ask them “Are you serious?!”

So this Saturday we were the first ones in the theater. We sat at the very top in the middle. And of course we had out feet on the seat in front of us. The next people to come in the theater sat right in front of us. Well actually they only sat in front of me. Since the theater was empty, I refused to move my feet. When the girl sat down she couldn’t lean all the way back. She turned around to ask “Do you mind?” and I responded “If you don’t like my feet on your chair then maybe you should move.” Do you think she moved? Nope, that’s because she is an idiot.

I know that I shouldn’t have had my feet on the chair, but lets be real, everybody does it. It was rude of them to sit right in front of me. She could have moved just one seat over and everything would have been fine.

So when I refused to remove my feet, she got up to tell someone. I took my feet down and waited until after the usher left. I decided to wait until the previews to put my feet back up. Once the previews started I put my feet back up on her chair. She kept turning around, but I ignored her. She eventually got up again to complain on me. Once again I put my feet back down. Her friend turned around and started mouthing off to us. It was hard to understand her, but she said something like “you need 2 chairs for your fat ass.” She asked if we were 15 since we were acting like it. I told her to shut and turn around, but not in a nice way. Shortly after the girl came back, the manager came to see us and we explained what happened. He told us to see him after the movie and he would give us free passes.

After he left I didn’t put my foot on the chair, but I did place it behind the chair so she couldn’t lean back. You would think that after all that she would just move.

We hadn’t planned on seeing the manager after the movie, but he ended up coming to find us to give us the passes. So yes, I was a bitch, but I got a free movie pass out of it!

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