Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Shut Your Eyes and Sing To Me

So Friday was the How The Edge Stole Christmas concert. Kristin and I went straight to the concert from work. When we got there, we wandered around looking at everything. I wanted to get a Cold War Kids t-shirt, but they didn’t have any merchandise out. As we were walking around, we saw some girls with a CWK poster. I asked them where they got it, and they pointed to a table off to the side. We strolled over to the table, but I didn’t see any posters. Then Kristin spotted a sign that said the CWK were doing a signing at 5:30. We rushed over to the table, but it was empty. I looked down at my phone and it was 5:50. I was crushed. I couldn’t believe that I had missed them. I wanted so badly to meet them, and I missed my chance. Why would they do a signing as soon as the doors opened? And they weren’t even one of the first bands to go on. Someone did not plan that properly. So, needless to say – I was pretty distraught.

After all that, we ended up taking a Christmas picture together and buying a sweater hat. After we spent money that we didn’t have, we found our seats. We found it funny that our seats were the only 2 seats on the row. We were right next to the sound board. The first band we saw was Shiny Toy Guns. They put on a really good show. So good, it was probably my favorite performance of the night.

After Shiny Toy Guns was Cold War Kids. I was super excited! It was strange seeing them from far away, but at least I could see all of them. They played all their popular songs and a few others. They only had 30 minutes, so they didn’t get to play very long.

Next was Snow Patrol. I didn’t know but like 2 songs of theirs before the concert. I had never been really interested in listening to them before. But they put on a really good show. The lead singer was amusing in his between song banter. He acted more like a singer in a punk rock band.

Last was Death Cab for Cutie. Right as they came on stage, Kristin got a text from her security guard friend that was working the concert. He was able to get us closer seats. We ended up going down to the floor to the right of the stage. We were standing right in front of the speakers and after a couple of songs my ears felt like they were about to start bleeding, so we moved back a little. We were a little confused when we saw the band because they looked nothing like what we expected them to. We had seen pictures of the singer where he had short brown hair, was a little chunky and wore glasses. The guy singing at the concert was skinny, no glasses, and had longer hair. Strange. Also, I expected the band to be much more mellow; like sitting around on stage. But instead they were rocking out.

Overall I had a great time. Kristin and I have gone 2 years in a row, and I really had a good at both shows. Last year was Paramore and Modest Mouse. Maybe this will be a new yearly thing.

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