Saturday, November 17, 2007

Shrimp on the Barbie

Tuesday Emily and Sarah came over after work and we made cupcakes for Rebecca's birthday. They were strawberry cupcakes with cream cheese icing. We did the decorating ourselves, can't you tell?!

Then after all that fun I met Chelsey at the Outback. It was the first time I had actually hung out with her in a long time. We sat in Les' section and he gave us excellent service. That night I really didn't feel like being alone. I had hoped that I would get to hang out with Les, but he was tired. So I went over to Mom's and watched TV until around 5 in the morning. I actually got caught up on all my shows. AND I watched a little Shot of Love with Tila Tequila. What an interesting show!

Wednesday I slept most of the day and did a little cleaning. Mom came over and brought me chicken fried steak from KFC. Later on me, Les, and Liz went to the Billiard Bar. I had an ok time. It was nice to see the guys, especially since their girls weren't there. We left kind of early and went back to Liz's where we made fun of her neighbor.

Thursday I had to work :( After work Les came over and spent the night. We didn't really get to hang out because he feel asleep on the couch shortly after we got home. I had trouble sleeping that night because I took my allergy medicine and it makes me restless. So today I was sick and tired all in one.

Today everyone was in a bad mood at work. Sarah quit and Michelle was fighting with everyone. I just tried to stay out of everyone's way. It wasn't very busy, and I thought I was only going to make $40. But I had a party of almost 20 as my last table, so that gave me an extra boost. I ended up making $74.

I know tomorrow I'm going to be tired, but I have to fight through. I need to make good money this weekend. Christmas is approaching and I haven't bought any presents.

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