Thursday, December 31, 2009

Blue Moon

This Christmas was pretty awesome. We had it at our house this year, so that was nice. We had blizzard-like weather that night. It was so pretty because everything was covered in snow. We all ate yummy food, opened presents, and played games. Riley had so much fun that night. She loved all the attention. I put her in the cutest little shirt, but her bows didn’t last long.

I got a lot of nice things for Christmas including a Wii & Wii fit, a diamond ring, pink Converse, baking supplies, and lots of other cute things. I’ve been too lazy to put up all my presents and hook up my Wii. I’ve spent most of my time laying in bed and catching up on Criminal Minds. Riley got this super cute collar for her Christmas present.

On Christmas day Mom and I made breakfast and then opened our stockings. We also took the dogs outside to get pictures of them in the snow. Just look how cute they are!
She didn't like this too much
Roxie in her new bed

We spent the rest of the day sleeping and eating. It was glorious.

Willa finally got to come home on Wednesday. I haven't had a chance to go visit her, but here are some new adorable pictures:

With her bff Audrey


I finally took some pictures of my room. I haven't finished decorating, but you get the idea.

After Christmas I made my first cupcake cake. I thought it would be easy, but it wasn't. I had to get Mom to help me smooth the icing out. I was afraid that the icing would fall down in between the cupcakes. After it was all done I didn't think it looked too bad. What do you think?

I will be back later with some of my goals for next year. Which is only about 30 minutes away :) Happy New Year!!!

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Leigh Angela said...

Enjoy the Wii Fit! I want to get the upgrade, they have a neat little "weigh your pet" feature :-)

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