Thursday, September 11, 2008


Last weekend I took a trip up to Oklahoma. Thursday I found out that my cousin, Shannon, was killed in a car wreck. So Saturday me, Mom, and Aunt Lana headed up to Wilburton. Uncle Larry, Jackie, and Wayne left earlier that day. We got there just about nightfall. We met at Brenda and Vic’s house. I had never seen there new house. It’s built in the side of a hill. Everything, except the living room is underground. There were a ton of people there when we got there. I didn’t know most of them. Diane, Gayle, and Kayla came down from Kansas. Jeremy and Tim had flown in Thursday night.
Me, Mom, Aunt Lana, Jeremy, and Tim all stayed at Brenda and Vic’s. Uncle Larry, Jackie, and Wayne went over to Jerald’s to spend the night. I was so tired I could barely stand it. But we didn’t end up going to sleep till 2am. We were up listening to stories of bobcats and bears. That kinda freaked me out to think that a bobcat or bear could just come up to the house at any time. Me and Aunt Lana slept up in the loft where it was cool. We ended up freezing our butts off, it was so cold.

When we woke up Sunday morning, there were about 20 hummingbirds outside. It was so cool. I had never seen a hummingbird in real life. They are so tiny and they sound like huge mosquitoes. One of them dive bombed my head as I was standing underneath the feeder. I tried to get some pictures of them with my new camera. I ended up getting a few good ones.
After everyone got ready, we headed out to the funeral. There were so many people there that they all couldn’t fit in the church. After the funeral, I got to talk to most of my family from Oklahoma. Jerald, Vikki, and 4 out of their 5 children were there. I’m always excited to see Jerald. I guess it’s cause he reminds me of my dad and Uncle Archie. I have so few men in my life, so I kinda cling to the ones I do have left. Well, the ones that are endearing towards me. Jerald has 4 boys and 1 girl. I hear stories about the boys all the time, but I have no memories of them. I met Shawn and Stephen at Brad’s funeral. This time I got to meet Monte and Todd. Shawn wasn’t there. They all look and sound just like Jerald. And they are all a hoot. Shereen is the daughter. I hadn’t seen her in forever, but she still remembered me.

Brittney, Valena’s daughter, also remembered me. That really surprised me since she is younger than me. Her brothers, Levi and Isreal, are over in Iraq. When Iseral comes back home next month he is going to be the town sheriff. I haven’t seen those boys in forever. Last time I remember being around them, we were all at Meme’s trailer and they were getting in trouble for misbehaving.
We were going to leave right after the funeral, but luckily someone talked Aunt Lana into going to Jerald’s. It was just us, Jerald’s boys, and Shereen that went over there. We hung out for a while and visited. Jerald has 3 bulls, so I went over to the fence to take pictures of them. Jerlad came over and poured some food over the fence to get them to come over. First, the brown bull came over. And then the black bull came charging up. He was HUGE! He didn’t have any horns, like the other 2, but he was massive. Then the white faced one came running up. I had never been so close to a bull before. I got some real good pictures of them. Too bad nobody had a horse. I’ve been wanting to pet a horse lately.
We ended up leaving around 6:30pm. We were ready to get home. I got some cool pictures of the sunset from the car. My favorite is the one of the lonely tree in the field. It was around 11pm when I finally got home, and I went to straight to bed. I was so tired Monday.

I took off on Tuesday to get some rest. I just needed a day to do noting but sleep. And that is what I did. I also went to the store and did some laundry. I went to Target to pick up some groceries and other stuff. While I was there, I bought some tulip bulbs. I guess you plant it in September and then they bloom in Spring. I’m excited. They were only $10. You can’t hardly buy a batch of tulips for that amount. Hopefully they turn out nice. I just love tulips!

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