Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Tis the season....to get fired!

Well, in case you haven't heard, I was fired on Saturday. My first table of the day complained on me, so Ryan pulled me into the office. He said that I had been getting bad surveys (which he never showed me) and that multiple tables had been complaining on me (to which I had no knowledge). So after a long talk and lots of crying, he let me go. It all really came out of the blue for me.

At first I was devastated. I couldn't stop crying. Then the next day I became angry and bitter. They fired me a week before Christmas. How crappy is that?! Also, who is going to hire me right before Christmas? So my depression went into over-drive. I slept all day Sunday and Monday. And I cried.....a lot.

And to top things off. While I was driving home Saturday night, my back windshield exploded for no reason. At first I heard the noise and thought that I had ran over something. Then I saw my window shattered to pieces and thought that someone had thrown something at my car. I got out and looked at the window and didn't see any point of impact. I ended up staying at Mom's house until Monday afternoon. It cost almost $200 to replace the window.

Today was a busy day, and also a better day. It included...
-making pancakes
-watching Martha Stewart (one of my new favorite shows)
-picking up my check from the Tree
-chatting with Carl and Chad
-returning some items at Michael's
-going to the bank
-stopping by Casa de Rios and getting a tour
-picking up an application to Casa de Rios
-catching up with old friends at Posados
-going to see Les at work (he bought me dinner :) )
-going over to Mom's
-going with Mom to Casa de Rios for free food and drink
-going with Mom to Outback for a drink
-taking a nap
-watching a movie

So you can see all the stuff I did today. Roger (one of the managers at Casa de Rios) pretty much told me that he would hire me. I just hate having to wait tables. But when me and Mom stopped in, the place was packed. And everything was free. How awesome is that?! I wasn't hungry, but I ate all my food.

I talked to my friend who works at Wells Fargo and she said she could probably get me a job there. I hope that happens. Then I wouldn't have to wait tables. Or at least not full time. Just so you know, job hunting sucks!

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