Monday, December 24, 2007

3 Day Baking Adventure

It's been a long, but fun weekend. I've been covered in flour, powdered sugar, chocolate, dough, icing, and food coloring. But it was worth it. Friday evening I went over to Kristin's to borrow some supplies. (Thank you so much!!) Then I went to Mom's to pick her up. We headed to the store for more supplies and grabbed some Chipotle while we were out. Then we went home and started baking. We bought a tube of sugar cookie mix and made cookies out of that. We rolled the dough out too thin, so they were kinda crunchy. Kristin gave me her leftover cookies. Her cookies were perfect. No matter what we did, we couldn't get our cookies to look like hers. So after the cookies cooled, we made the icing. We just made white icing and iced all of the cookies we had.

The cookie on top is Kristin's and the cookie on bottom is ours. We had obese cookies!

Kristin had put icing on some of the cookies she gave me, so we decorated them also. We used sparkling gel. It looks really good, but you can't stack the cookies because they stick to each other. Around 2 in the morning we decided to go to bed and finish up on Saturday.

Saturday we got a late start. We had Chipotle again, went to Old Navy (where I found the cutest ornaments for half off), and Macys (where Mom bought me and her the mammoth crocs. they have a lining inside, so they are like house shoes). Then we went back to baking. We had made a batch of cookies from scratch earlier in the day, so we rolled it out and cut out the cookies. While those cooked, we made brown, red (more like coral), blue, and green icing. We put icing on all the cookies and let them set overnight. Then I made the cupcakes and chocolate Christmas trees. I just put bakers chocolate in a bag and made the trees on wax paper. I also made some big trees, stars, and letters just to see what they turned out like. After another long day, we called it a night at 3 in the morning.

Sunday morning we made more icing and finished decorating the cookies. I think they turned out really cute. The snowflakes were my favorite. I also put shimmer on some of them. It turned out really pretty on the snowflakes.

Mom did such a cute job on the gingerbread men and snowmen.

Here are the snowflakes!

We had a crap-load of cookies when we were finished. So I packaged them up as gifts. I gave some to Les and his family, Mr. Perkins, and I'm taking some tomorrow when we get together.

The last thing I had to do was making the icing for the cupcakes. I made butter cream icing. It turned out yummy. The actual cupcakes were the only thing we didn't make from scratch.
I got the little Christmas trees out of the fridge and tested them out. Most of them weren't thick enough. The ones that were I put on the cupcakes. After a few minutes they started to break.
The full trees and stars didn't break. And I thought they were just as cute! I decided to eat the broken trees, but I was surprised when they tasted horrible. Mom had accidentally bought unsweet chocolate. Too bad.

I made Les' initials to put on his cupcakes. He really like the cupcakes. I took some over there for him and his family, but he kept them all for himself.

All weekend I got to hang out with my kitty. She slept with me, played with the bows on the presents, and slept.....a lot. But who can resist this face?!

Mom let me open a couple presents early. I got some really cute ornaments for my tree, my crocs, and a cupcake holder. It's so cool. It comes with a pan and a little shelf that hold 24 cupcakes total. And then a plastic cover locks on it, and it has a handle. I can't wait till tomorrow. We are having Christmas at Uncle Larry's, then I'm spending the night at Mom's. I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas!

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