Saturday, January 24, 2009

Long Time Waiting

I know I've been away for longer than usual. I haven't written cause I didn't want to spread my ill feelings about things. The year didn't start out as I had imagined.

I've been very stressed out about work. I'm at my breaking point, but I feel trapped. Everyone keeps telling me how hard it's going to be finding a job in "this economy". Also, I really don't want to go through the process of finding a job. But I do need a new job. Before I slip up and get fired from this one.

I'm also finding it harder and harder to work my second job. Most Fridays I end up leaving early without any money. So I've decided to only work Sundays now. I'll just be glad when I'm to the point where I don't have to work two jobs.

Earlier this month I was also super stressed about Chloe peeing on my rugs. It seemed like she was peeing more often. I took her to the vet and got meds for a bladder infection (just in case), I bought her 2 new litter boxes, and I took up the rugs. Luckily, she hasn't peed on anything in 2 weeks. Hopefully she will keep up the good behavior.

This month I've been trying to adopt a puppy. His name is Marley and he is a Lhasa/Pomeranian mix. I don't want to say too much, just in case I don't get him, but I've already done the application, turned in my references, and had a house visit today. I'm just waiting anxiously and keeping my fingers crossed that I get approved!

So that's what I've been up to. I promise that I will update more often. Hopefully I will have good news to report soon!!

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