Monday, September 6, 2010

Margaritas are the perfect ending

I've had a pretty busy week and weekend. Wednesday I went to my friend's school to get some observation hours. It was high school (not what I will be teaching) but I wanted to get as many hours of observation as I can before I start substituting. I sat through 4 different classes and learned a lot. It's still pretty scary thinking about teaching a class.
The rest of the week I baked...a lot. Thursday we went out for my aunt's birthday, so I made her a cake. It was just a small, last minute cake.

Friday I worked on these duck cupcakes and cookies. I think the cookies turned out so cute!

Saturday I worked on my final cake for the weekend. My cousin was having a white trash birthday party, so I decided to make a can of beer cake. It sounded like a great idea until I actually made the cake. The first time I covered the cake in fondant, the fondant stuck together and ripped. I had to take it all off (along with most of the icing). The second time I tried to cover it I decided to wrap the fondant around the cake. That seemed to work better. But when I added the label, it was too heavy and it pulled the fondant down. It definitely looked like a crushed beer can by the end of the day. That cake stressed me out beyond belief.

Sunday I went over to my uncle's for a cookout. We took the dogs so they could play with my uncle's dog Zoe. Somehow I managed to not take any pictures. After a day of excitement, the dogs were tired out when they got home.

Later that day I went to the birthday party. I wish I had taken a picture of my outfit. I wore a Jack Daniels t-shirt and had my hair in curlers. It was pretty funny.

Today I went to Michael's to sign up for a cake decorating class that starts tomorrow. Hopefully I can perfect some of my skills :) I also stopped by a friends house to visit for a while. My friend is an elementary school music teacher, so I made plans to observe her this week. I was hungry when I got home so Mom and I went to Fuzzy Taco. It was just what I needed. We had chips and queso, tacos, and margaritas. There is nothing like Mexican food. Too bad margaritas make me sleepy!

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