Sunday, June 21, 2009


Today was a sad day for me. I've been trying to find Chloe a new home, but I've had no luck. I wanted to find her a home, but nobody had answered my ads. I tried to surrender her to a rescue group, but no one would take her. And I just couldn't stand the thought of her in a shelter.
But Saturday I got a phone call from a lady looking for a cat. Her mother lived with her and her husband, and the mother had early stages of Alzheimer's. Her father had passed away a couple of months ago, so they wanted to get the mom a cat. They wanted an older cat that was declawed.
They came over today to see Chloe. They loved her and decided to take her. I was ok until I came back up to my apt. and closed the door. Then I couldn't stop crying. It just all happened so fast. I really loved Chloe, and I didn't want to give her up, but I just felt like I couldn't live with her peeing in my room.
I know that family will give her a loving home. And I hope she does well for them. So in memory of the 7 months I spent with Chloe, here are some pictures...

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